Name: Tosh Heath

Workplace & Role: Server Assistant / Glass Jockey at Cork + Fin

Boxing Moniker: I don’t have one yet. I’m waiting for it to happen organically.

Favourite Gastown Eatery: Six Acres

Who is your favourite boxer?

It’s a pretty cliché answer, but watching early Tyson footage doesn’t get old. I’m surprised at how good he was at slipping punches. 

Would you like to fight the champ to become the champ?

I don’t think anyone who is serious about his or her training would say no to that chance.

What do you think Las Vegas odds makers would say your chances are of winning your bout on July 23rd?

I’d like to think the odds would be on my side.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

I’ve already gained a lot of respect for a sport I knew very little about. The conditioning and discipline needed to producer a good boxer is unreal.

What’s your fighting style – will you be a boxer with slick moves and good defence or a brawler power puncher with a granite chin who doesn’t mind making it ugly? 

I’ll take a couple on the chin, but I’m looking forward to using good technique and smart defence.

Tosh will be a contender in the third annual Aprons for Gloves event on July 23rd at the SFU Woodward building. Each boxer must raise $2k to compete and all money raised goes to support boxing programs for at-risk women and youth. Support Tosh with a donation here.

Aprons for Gloves is a non-profit organization focused on community outreach through the sport of boxing. It offers free mentorship and training to individuals who may otherwise not have the resources to participate. Boxing teaches discipline, respect and self-control, delivering positive self-esteem and camaraderie for its practitioners.