Begin your visit at Rowan Sky on the Cordova Street. They’ve turned their store windows into a unique holiday photo op, so bring a friend, send them outside and line yourself up with the graphics for a perfect ‘elfie’. You can even suit up as Santa himself. It’s simple, creative and sure to be popular with #IGers everywhere.

Tree lights along Water Street lend a little twinkle to the atmosphere, while several stores have added to the glitz with their own indoor displays. Parliament has definitely upped the ante with strands suspended overhead. And at Inform Interiors, the holiday windows went up Thursday, putting silver and gold at the forefront.


Some stores are even making the holiday season interactive. Old Faithful Shop is set to host their first wreath workshop this Sunday, providing the tools, materials and knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind succulent wreath for your homestead. With hot apple cider and plenty of fresh baked goods for guests to nibble on, we’re not surprised that it’s sold out, but spots are still available for a second event on December 14th. Learn more here.

MakeItRain2Stir up some nostalgia at Fortknight Men’s Boutique when you stop by for a cut or shave. They’re getting into the holiday spirit by hosting a draw for a Red Ryder BB gun, just like the one Ralphie wanted in A Christmas Story. Just don’t shoot your eye out!

And finally, reflect on then end of 2014 by stopping by the corner of Water & Cambie. You’ll find the latest addition to the neighbourhood – a pop-up art installation that was officially unveiled on Wednesday. At 27’ tall, ‘Make It Rain’, was created by Dream the Combine and crowd-funded through Kickstarter. Get up close for silvery selfie or stand back and watch the buildings, lights and people play across its surface. The piece is designed to crinkle and move as people interact with it, so feel free to give it a gentle nudge. ‘Make It Rain’ will be on display until mid-January, when our beloved Steam Clock returns.