Heather sees brides year-round, but there’s definitely something about the post-holiday season that creates a bit of spike for anyone working in the industry.

“It’s a calmer time of year for everyone,” she notes. “The holidays have a knack for bringing families together for important announcements, and when it’s over, couples have time to regroup and start planning.”

There’s much to be done when getting wed, from finding a venue to creating the menu, but when it comes to choosing the flowers, there’s season and style to consider.

   WeddingFl-roses   WeddingFl-blue1

Pictured here – Red Seeded Eucalyptus, Antique Pink Roses & Blue Anemones

“The floral industry follows trends every year, with culture and current events playing a role,” Heather explains. “For the spring and summer, I’m seeing cool, misty, muted colour palettes, featuring periwinkle blue, neutrals and pastels mixed with hints of layered red and pink.”


Also on the rise for 2015 is the incorporation of aromatic and textured greenery. Imagine a bouquet laced with organic rosemary, lemon balm or spicy myrtle. For those looking to add a touch of softness to their florals, fuzzy grey lamb’s ear or dusty miller are among Heather’s top choices.

Aromatic French Cultivated Lavender 

Colour combinations can also come into play each season, influencing décor and dress selections. This year, Heather is seeing some innovative options for those looking to blend in or stand out.


“Periwinkle blue is pairing nicely with peach and white if you want to stay on the lighter side of the palette,” Heather notes. “If you’d like to make a statement, I’m seeing a mix of mustard yellow and burgundy for a solid pop of colour.”  

And that’s not all. Heather had three more suggestions for brides planning to tie the knot this year. Think pink, khaki and grey for a bouquet that has us reminiscing about Miami Vice. If it’s elegance your after, you can’t go wrong with navy, cream and blush. Or, consider a seaside vibe with coral, peach and powder blue.

White, yellow and burgundy come together in this creative bouquet by Heather, which features: white mini Calla Lillies, Craspedia (billy balls), Lamb’s Ear (Dusty Miller), Green Trick (Dianthus), white cotton, Green Cymbidium Orchids, brown Leucadendron, white Wax Flowers, Pussy Willows, Tillandsia (air plants) and peacock feathers.

For Heather, there’s more than just colour to consider. Her shop specializes in sourcing flowers that are in season and available here.

“We have a number of growers in the area who produce locally grown products throughout the year,” explains Heather. “They offer various colour selections that will accommodate or substitute beautifully with many designs.”


White Wax Flowers

In the winter months, Heather relies a little more on imported florals from the local flower auction, ensuring that there are a variety of options for brides to choose from year-round. So, what’s her favourite bloom? Well, Heather puts the heartiest flowers on a pedestal.


“Orchids hold up beautifully here on the west coast and are available in a variety of colours,” Heather states. “We also have a signature flower each season, like the tulip in spring or dahlias in the summer months, that are in high production and offer great value.”  

Green Cymbidium Orchids

Brides planning a spring or summer wedding should be booking their florals now, especially if their nuptials fall on a holiday long weekend. For many florists, the first meeting to discuss the volume and presentation they’re hoping for should happen 6-12 months out to ensure that they aren’t already booked on that special day.

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