“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

– Rachel Zoe

When you got it, you got it… the sauce we mean.

When you mix together all the unique styles and textures within our ‘hood, it creates the perfect recipe. Some call it swag, others the sauce, but we just call it business as usual. 

Shop + Style

Everywhere you look, Gastown is dripping with style. Known for it’s trendy, yet sophisticated fashion sense, Gastown is a destination spot for those looking to show off their trendsetting fits.

Never shying away from the bold, vibrant hair and threads pair perfectly with Gastown’s distinct aesthetic.

Gastowners make it look easy. Effortlessly stylish, there’s no need to go over the top when jaunting around our ‘hood. Sophistication is key.

Men’s fashion is at it’s peak in these cobblestone streets. High-end streetwear is always on the menu in Gastown.



music: shadows by david cutter music

From daring designers, to top tier tailors, to bustling boutiques, West Cordova is the epitome of chic. If the dazzling fashion isn’t enough to draw you in, the charming cafes and one of a kind architecture will be. Taking a stroll down West Cordova is always in vogue. 

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Food + Drink

Gastown is never short on exceptionally stylish restaurants, bars and cafes to spend your time in. Each has their own one of a kind vibe to suit your mood. For light and airy, Nelson the Seagull is a perfect choice; for dark and moody The Greek would fit the bill. Choose your own adventure; there are no wrong choices when every option leads to a delicious end.


There is live music in Gastown… I repeat, there is live music in Gastown!

No need to pine over the days of enjoying some tunes while sipping on a cold one. Though it may look a little different then usual, your local favs are still supporting artists who have too few stages to play of late.

Our businesses put you and your family’s safety as top priority and are operating under proper COVID-19 protocols. As such, the music will be at a conversational level, masks are required to be worn when not seated and all restrictions around physical distancing, groups sizes, movement inside the lounge, and dancing & mingling are in play.

Enjoy a drink, get your groove on (in your seat) and support local business!

Guilt & Co.

Check out Guilt & Co. unplugged every night from 6-10pm for acoustic music in every genre or order take out and enjoy the live show from home. Jazz, R&B, Swing, Country, you name it, Guilt & Co is still showcasing the best of Vancouver’s local talent! 


The Flying Pig

All day Happy Hour and live music from 6-9pm makes The Flying Pig your Thursday destination spot. Enjoy some sweet acoustic tunes from Ben Kyle while chowing down on bites with the bubble.

Water St. Cafe – 2nd Floor

Make your dinner reservation with Water St. Cafe and enjoy Background Music at the 2nd Floor Gastown. You can feel at ease with social distancing and safety of the highest standards for artists and guests.

Arts + Culture

Our ‘hood is home to some of the best artists and galleries that Vancity has to offer. With creativity abound, Gastown is an artistic tour de force.

Check out the full list of Gastown galleries.



Allison Smith started her namesake clothing brand, Allison Wonderland, in 1998 with the desire to create clothes she wanted to wear but couldn’t get anywhere else.

From clothing for going to parties and clubs, to more playful office, ready to wear attire, Allison Wonderland has evolved with Allison’s lifestyle.

With a passion for local, sustainable fashion for the way women really live, Allison shares her fashion sense and philosophy with every Gastowner lucky enough to come across one of her designs.

We sat down (over Zoom) with Allison to learn more about what got her into the fashion biz, why Gastown, and where to find her designs around the ‘hood.

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Having style is more than donning the latest trends; it goes beyond the clothes on your back. Real style is a matter of being yourself on purpose. The secret to the sauce is the unique and creative people who make up our ‘hood. A community of passionate, authentic people? Now that’s chic.