Owning a store was a lifelong dream for Rose Raflores, who saw Queen’s Boutique as an opportunity to provide an alternative perspective on independent culture through fashion. “I want to offer the ladies in Vancouver a different style, where you can be bold, wear lots of gold and look fly,” explains Rose.

“I felt Vancouver was lacking. People always asked me where I got my clothes or accessories or sneakers. Finding a shop that catered to these things, especially for women, was really hard.”

QueensBoutique 4

When looking for a location in 2011, Rose found a perfect fit in Gastown. The neighbourhood is an established epicenter of streetwear stores like Stussy, Playheads and Menu Skateboard Shop. Queen’s Boutique was right at home and a unique addition to the menswear-focused street fashion hub.

At the time, few shops in the city offered bold, head-turning nail art – something that Rose wanted to bring to the table. Queen’s Boutique’s team of talented artists offers intricate nail designs. Resident nail tech, who goes by the moniker – Haus of Lacquer – is “probably one of the best in the city,” notes Rose. “She is one talented woman, well known for her clean lines.” 

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Come in for the royal treatment and walk away with daring talons. “We offer something no one has seen,” she says. “Expect to get noticed.” This holiday season, Rose suggests taking it up a notch with avant-garde designs. “Right now we are doing tons of nails with gold foil,” she notes. Also of the moment, iridescent holograms with a mix of jewels. Your fingertips will certainly stand out from the crowd. 

And, while you’re inside, take a gander at their latest collection of statement jewelry, vintage men’s tees, and hot styles from their private label line, Crown the Queens. Rose is currently working on a cut-and-sew line along with several new collaborations due out next year.