Steamworks (375 Water St) is currently the only store carrying the latest Mash-Up from their brewery. Black Angle IPA and Heroic Red Ale are two brand new releases included the winter edition. The classic Pale Ale is a great Northwest style beer also included in the mix, with citrusy character and layers of malty goodness.

And the newest IPA release, Black Angel IPA will excite even the biggest hopheads with the floral, tropical fruit and spicy aromas. But, Heroic Red Ale steals the show with its citrus and pine notes and Simcoe hops. It’s smooth and velvety in the mouth with hints of roasted hazelnut, toffee and caramel malt flavours – a perfect blend to serve during the holidays.



Next up is a stellar red wine, grown and produced in Oliver B.C. “Merlot is synonymous with the B.C. wine region,” Brandon notes. This six-year-old vintage is perfect for a celebratory occasion because it’s already reaching its optimal time. “B.C. wines that fall anywhere between six to nine years are great to drink. This is an incredible vintage that’s at the beginning of its prime.”

The 2008 Merlot has hints of fruitiness that pair seamlessly with grilled beef, blue cheese or roasted duck. “You’ll get a lot of plummy cherry notes, something that’s going to be softer and smoother on the finish.” It’s a timeless choice with a balanced blend that’s easy to drink throughout the night.



If you’re serving rich braised or grilled meat, the Nolta Bene 2011 is an ideal companion. “This is a Bordeaux style blend that will have a tannic structure and lots of body,” Brandon notes. Charging out of the glass is a bouquet of blackberry, cherry, plum and chocolate. The complexity is what makes this dessert wine an appealing choice.

The Nolta Bene is distinguished for its beautiful balance. It’s decadent to drink now, but also holds well overtime if you want to save it for another night. “It has good characteristic – something that will age for about ten years.” Since it’s made to last, this is a terrific gift for any wine collector.




Decorate your liquor cabinet with these beautiful bottles (designed by the Also Known As team), or give them to the hostess at your next dinner party. This special line of handcrafted spirits is from a husband and wife team in the Okanagan region. It’s an exclusive find, made in small batches, and naturally infused with Okanagan fruits, herbs and nuts.

Doctor’s Order Gin is a beautiful sipping gin with a unique lineup of forage juniper berries and citrus. “It definitely has that aromatic floral on the nose and a very nice herbal on the front,” notes Brandon. Shadow in the Lake Vodka brings an authentic craft vodka experience fusing B.C. grown wheat that’s mashed, fermented, distilled twice, and blended with fresh country water. The unfiltered vodka leaves notes of vanilla and caramel on the nose and an even finish.

“It’s a great neutral style vodka with only the slightest kickback, and it goes down smooth,” Brandon notes. Steamworks is the only store stocking Legend’s hand-made spirits, so make sure to grab a bottle or two while it’s available.