10 Water Street

Coffeebar is popular destination for coffee-goers to enjoy a lovely view of Gaoler’s Mews Courtyard and a cup of quality coffee brewed with locally roasted beans. Try their Iced Americano––made with Parallel 49’s chocolate orange kissed espresso beans.


Milano Espresso Lounge
36 Powell Street


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Milano offers artisan-crafted coffee and a selection of drinks using their world-class espresso beans. For a delicious espresso-blended drink, we recommend Milano’s Iced Hedgehog Mocha, a seamless blend of hazelnut, chocolate and genuine Italian espresso.

325 Cambie Street

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Coffee connoisseurs will love this special cold coffee. In addition to a rotating menu of world-class coffee, Revolver sells cold brewed coffee that is bottled fresh after 12 hours of overnight brewing. Each one is packaged in a flask-like glass bottle and is great to carry on the go!


Starbucks Coffee
199 Water Street


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Starbucks offers a variety like no other with a wide selection of iced coffees, Americanos, lattes, and blended frappucino beverages. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their new Caffè Espresso Frappuccino. This luscious drink is topped with espresso infused whipped cream and Italian Roast Coffee Drizzle.


Timbertrain-coffee-gastownTimbertrain Coffee Roasters
311 West Cordoav St.

Timbertrain serves great coffee using quality beans that are selected and roasted at their facility in B.C. In addition to serving single-origin pour-over coffee, Timbertrain offers cold brewed coffee on tap in two flavours. Try the Einstein, a fruity-flavoured cold coffee brewed with beans from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

More refreshing cold coffee drinks can be found at the following cafes:

Nelson the Seagull – 315 Carrall Street

Visit Nelson the Seagull for a comfy café atmosphere and a cold drink. The lovely café offers mouthwatering homemade breads, pour-over coffee, and cold brew coffee made in their kitchen.

Bambo– 301 W. Cordova St.

In addition to serving organic, fair-trade iced coffee, this lovely corner cafe offers a delightful Iced Mocha Frappé.

Trees Organic Coffee – 321 Water Street 

Love organic coffee? Trees Organics serves iced coffee using 100% organic, naturally shade grown, fair trade beans.

Smart Mouth Cafe – 117 – 131 Water 

If you need a take a coffee break in a vibrant setting, stop by Smart Mouth Café and try their Iced Soy Latte.

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