Name: Sasha Walker

Workplace & Role: Blacktail Florist, Server

Boxing Moniker: Not yet!

Favourite Gastown Eatery: Milano

Favourite Gastown retail: Oak & Fort

Who is your favourite boxer?

Lauryn Eagle – it’s nice to see women dominating in sports. She’s at the top of her division and a water skiing champion as well.

What inspired you to sign up for the Restaurant Rumble?

I’ve worked with kids all my life and as soon as I found out that this program benefits at-risk youth in the DTES, I was on board. All children should have the opportunity to experience something healthy, active and fun.

Why do you think this event is filled with mostly Gastown restaurant workers?

I’ve only worked at Blacktail for a few months, but I can really feel the sense of community. I think that in our industry, it affects what we do outside of the workplace as well, especially when this program helps a lot of people who come from the area.

Of all the great characters in Gastown, who would you most like to see fight one another?

Chen-Wei from Winner Winner & Chambar’s, Yacine Sylla.

Would you like to fight the champ & become the champ?

Duh. – who wouldn’t?!

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

I’ve already gained so much, especially an appreciation for the sport and new sense of community. Helping people who don’t necessarily have the means to help themselves is a benefit all on its own, and it feels really great.

What do you think Las Vegas odds makers would say your chances are of winning your bout on July 23rd?

Let’s be honest, I’m not totally certain how the odds work in boxing. I’m new to the sport with just a bit of training. So, I’d say compared to the skilled and experienced fighters, I’d probably be the underdog. But I’m working my butt off in and outside of the boxing gym, and who doesn’t like an underdog anyway!

Sasha will be gloving up for the third annual Aprons for Gloves event on July 23rd at the SFU Woodward building. Each boxer must raise $2k to compete and all money raised goes to support boxing programs for at-risk women and youth. Support Sasha with a donation here.

Aprons for Gloves is a non-profit organization focused on community outreach through the sport of boxing. It offers free mentorship and training to individuals who may otherwise not have the resources to participate. Boxing teaches discipline, respect and self-control, delivering positive self-esteem and camaraderie for its practitioners.