NAME: Edison aka the Dogfather

BREED: Red Boston Terrier

AGE: 7

POSITION: I am the watchdog/doorman, and work with a bunch of creative individuals at a conversation agency called Smak. Being a part of a conversation agency means we create marketing ideas and executions that go deeper to shift hearts and minds by catalyzing conversations that never end. Once and a while, I chime in on brainstorm (aka bark-storm) sessions to help the agency create conversations that will get everyone talking, people and dogs alike! Like a loud woof in a dog park, we work to create talk-worthy solutions based on smart strategies and fresh, creative thinking. Never cookie cutter, our work has a massive impact that echoes after the first attention grabbing moment; in tweets, posts, articles, newscasts, doggy barks and human conversation.

Eddie at his desk Eddie Stickers 
Edison with Nikki Hedstrom – Smak’s Director of Western Canada 

WHAT I DO: Meetings. Sleep. Repeat. But there is never a dull moment at the studio! This summer, I’ve been keeping my doggy eyes on the lookout at the door as the Smak team creates campaigns for brands like The Dairy Farmers of Canada, Winners, Volkswagen, and Telus to name a few. Often my doggy brain is included in the creative process of brainstorming and executing a campaign. We try to focus on what makes our clients different and special. Once an idea has been decided upon, I work with the team to focus on logistics to ensure the impact or our conversation has a ripple effect that lives forever. Being a part of the creative process can be tough on a doggy’s brain, so I like to blow off some steam through ping-pong battles at the studio. Ah yes, and also poker – have you seen my poker face? They don’t call me the Dogfather for nothing!

Ping Pong Edit

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Visit Edison the Dogfather in action at
Smak located on 326 West Cordova Street. 

T. 604-677-1851