Adorable, yes. But don’t let the fuzzy exterior fool you. Ella’s got a devious side hiding under that golden fur and she’s not afraid to show it.

At two and half, Ella is all diva. She’s been known to prance about Crab Park and stake her claim to a spot on Chill Winston’s patio. She’s also decided that Vancouver rain is cray and plans to be carried to and from each destination under the cover of her person’s umbrella.

DOGJanuary-EllaNow that the New Year is underway, Ella has resolved to really step up her grooming habits, making bows a regular thing. And when it comes to fun, Ella has only one pastime – secretly plotting the demise of her person and all that she holds dear. Seriously. We hope she sleeps with one eye open!


This little Frenchie is only seven months old and still sleeping her way through most days. Whether it’s the couch, concrete floor, bathmat or bed, she’ll conk out for hours. Waking up at twilight, she’s been known to do a few late night laps around the apartment and, if she’s lucky, enjoy a leisurely chew on a forbidden sock.


Yoko’s a big foodie, keeping tabs on every bite headed for your mouth. Drop it and you’ll never see it land. When she needs a nosh in Gastown, it’s straight to Timbertrain for a piece of croissant.


She’s always up for browsing the shelves at Nouvelle Nouvelle and dropping into Old Faithful for a quick visit with Jean-Pierre (the resident Frenchie) before heading to Clough Club for cocktails.

Not one to walk naked in the rain, Yoko’s been sporting a yellow-waxed raincoat this season. Add a sweater and a scarf and she’s sidewalk bait for anyone walking by. They just can’t resist her and she loves every minute of it.

Yoko’s city dog upbringing will come in handy next month when she trades the cobbled streets of Gastown for the bright lights of the big apple. She’s been on strict diet since the holidays to ensure that she still fits in her pet carrier or it’ll be cargo all the way!

Want to keep tabs on Yoko in New York? You can follow her on Instagram at @Bonjour_Yoko

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