Chill Winston is an epicenter of Gastown culture. A fantastic restaurant that serves fresh, wholesome, locally sourced and well plated food along with hearty craft beers and an interesting wine list. The staff are a solid, happy team led by the charismatic, Jordan Stewart. You’ll find what could be the best and most comfortable patio in the neighbourhood with excellent views of the square and a sense that you’re in the beating, passionate Heart of Gastown. The building is historic and resonates a connection to the glory days of the past. Chill Winston is a celebration of all that is worth celebrating about Gastown – a place where you can be yourself with others and dare to dream, if even just a little. The menu is full of shareables, veggies from their own farm plot in Tsawwassen, alternative proteins & wild meats that are organic, free run, antibiotic and hormone free, and ocean fare that is exclusively line caught and from sustainable stock.


There is a discrete post script at the end of the landing page for Chill Winston. Almost like doctor’s orders, it reads: Go to Guilt & Co after every visit to Chill Winston; an entire night out at one address. Beneath the tables and under red umbrellas, along the building’s left and down the cobbled steps, you’ll enter the Land of All Things After Dark; the musical, magical microcosm of Guilt & Co. The live music venue hosts acts from everywhere and of all sorts. There is something happening there pretty much 7 nights a week. Dark, intimate and candelit with an exposed brick, cellar feel to it all. There’s often dancing on the small floor to the likes of jazzy, swingtastic Jen Hodge and her All Stars. Come check out their eccentric cabaret which is guaranteed to excite. Without question, one of Gastown’s best live music venues.



The Portside Pub is all about the richness of Maritime pub culture. It’s a friendly place with a ton of craft beer varieties, hearty pub grub and a warm, ship-like ambiance. Every Wednesday sees Rock Paper Scissors – a full action, intense, fun head to head, where contestants can play for money and prizes. The Portside’s Mug Club is open to all, where the benefits are many – custom engraved mug, Membership Card, Portside Pub T-shirt, Portside Pub Sailor Hat, No line and No cover before 11pm on Weekends & Holidays, 5x No Line and No Cover before 11pm passes for your pals!



Soft Peaks Ice Cream is often why people are more than willing to walk from Richards and Water and beyond to Alexander. Using a handcrafted recipe of fresh and local Avalon organic milk, house made natural syrups and a churning process that harkens to old fashioned days, what you are now holding in your hands is an all-natural, low calorie and low fat, delicious frozen treat. In addition to organic milk, organic cream, organic milk powder, and organic stabilizers/ emulsifiers (all of them are Kosher certified), Soft Peaks use dextrose to replace generically modified sugar (GMO) like high fructose corn syrup when they craft their ice cream. Soft Peaks loves local and support it by sourcing most of their supplies and ingredients, close to home. They also support the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation by donating partial proceeds from all sales.

Fortknight storefront 3 800

Over at Fortknight Barbers on Alexander, the talkative and scissor proficient, good gentlemen of groom, pride themselves not on fashion, but style. Accurately described as “A place to unwind, catch up on community news, and receive top shelf service”. The experience at Fortknight is one of nostalgia – to an era where the local barbershop was a place where a man could be properly groomed, taken care of and made to feel like a million bucks; with enough time to make it all happen. The men of the shop are proud residents as well as supporters of the Gastown community and they pride themselves on being a positive fixture in the neighbourhood.


Choboter Fine Art is owned and run by the artist. Donald Choboter was born in Saskatchewan, Canada in the final years of the Great Depression. He obtained his formal education in the Prairies while spending much of his adult life there. A current resident on Alexander Street, Choboter’s contemporary work suggests a fusion of Degas and Pollock. What’s definitelty worth the visit is that many key pieces from the artist’s process are on display here, showcasing work from the 1970s until present day.