East Van Coffee Roasters is a must visit when coming to Gastown. A vintage inspired, social enterprise, they employ local residents and craft right from the bean. If you’re intent on spoiling yourself with true hot chocolate, order their Single Origin Drinking Chocolate. And why not perch on the side one of their in-house made artisan chocolates – current selection includes: sunflower seeds & bee pollen, espresso & vanilla bean; crunchy toffee & black sea-salt. Go ahead: you’re definitely worth it.

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If a good, strong Chai is your thing, Smartmouth Café makes a killer Chai Latte, made in house from real spices and ingredients. For maximum flavour, they start with premium whole spices and then give them a good smashing with a hammer. It’s the perfect fall time hot drink.

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Coffeebar on Water Street has lots of opportunity for people watching and a pleasing selection of lattes and other hot cups. The varieties include: Spanish, Chai and Matcha as well a robust London Fog. And if you’ve never tried one; it’s an Italian classic – an Affogato – which is espresso poured over ice cream.

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photo: Starbucks Facebook

Starbucks are great for their seasonal creations. Their current fall menu looks quite delicious. There are three hot drinks worth trying for sure: The Pumpkin Spice Latte and Salted Caramel Mocha, and the arrival of their new Chile Mocha. But don’t overlook the cinnamon: they also make a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

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Bambo Café makes excellent soup and sandwiches and they are conveniently located right on the corner of Cordova and Cambie. They pour a fine Chai Latte as well as a strong Matcha Latte and a dense London Fog.

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Buro Espresso Bar, situated between two streets (Water and Cordova) pours a declious Matcha Latte. There’s plenty of window seats and space to set up camp with your laptop and other implements of design.


photo: www.beautybrainsplus.com

David’s Tea is the neighbourhood purveyor of all sorts of wonderful blends, mixes and combinations. Their hot fall lineup includes: Pumpkin Chai, Pom Cider, Carrot Cupcake, Nutty Granola Crunch and Blueberry Muffin. Perfect flavours for our sunny, crisp autumn weather.

Check out these other fantastic Gastown Coffee Shops and order a nice hot drink for yourself!

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