Float House continues to grow their floating community offering an alternative and holistic approach to clear your mind and body with the help of their sensory deprived environment. Last week, the Float House team announced the opening of the world’s largest float centre in Gastown renovating their space to include nine high quality isolation tanks.

You will now notice an ongoing change in Float House décor. Throughout the year they will be inviting visual artists to display and sell their artwork at the Gastown centre. While their artwork is on display, featured artists will be allowed to float once a week in the hope that their experiences inside the tank will inspire new pieces of artwork. 

gastown-art-danielle-caners gastown-art-danielle-caners-2

Image courtesy of Danielle Caners

Float House is currently displaying artwork by emerging French-Canadian artist, Danielle Caners. Stop by the newly renovated Float House in Gastown to view the collection and treat yourself to their 90-minute floating session.

Float House
70 W Cordova St