Sweep away last year’s worries by clearing out your closet. This is especially important if you’re prone to do a little retail therapy now and then. Once you’ve sorted your pile of old tees and barely worn clothing, consider donating it to Community Thrift & Vintage. Your old gems will go towards a great cause. The social enterprise not only gives job experience to women with barriers, but also donates its profits to the Portland Hotel Society.


Whether it’s a dramatic cut and colour or a healthy trim, a trip to the salon could be just the thing you need to feel inspired. Brush Salon specializes in modern looks and makeup application, while Colourbox is known for their European flair and mastering dramatic colour changes. Or, come see Pony Salon‘s styling wizards and walk out with a wearable hairdo that suits your personality. For an affordable makeover, John Casablancas Institute and Aveda Institute offer salon services done at a fraction of the cost.

And fellas, we didn’t forget about you. Get a fresh fade, towel shave and all your grooming needs at Bryan of London, or unwind inside the man cave at Barber & Co, FortKnight Barbers, or JD’s Barbershop. If you’re into traditional Irish barbering, Joe at Gastown Grooming Room is your go-to guy.



Whether it’s a spontaneous tattoo from a weekend getaway or ink that reminds you of your ex, you can remove all your regrettable tattoos at Vancouver Tattoo Removal. The laser studio, located inside Gastown Tattoo Parlour, provides effective removal using a state-of-the-art Q-switched laser. Options include complete removal or tattoo fading for a cover-up piece. Consultations are free, so you can book an appointment with a certified specialist to discuss your unwanted tattoo.


Becoming the best version of yourself is tricky if you can’t free your mind from constant worries. If you find it hard get away from everyday distractions, try a floating session at Float House. It’s a great way to experience a new form of mediation in a completely unique environment, free of sound and light. Step inside their sensory deprivation tank, allow yourself to float for 90 minutes and leave with a brighter mind. This is particularly helpful for those who feel inundated by their smart phones and need a little help to disconnect from the digital world.

And if you feel overworked or have done one too many reps at the gym, take the opportunity to untie those knots. Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage offers some of the city’s most affordable massage services. Students of all levels perform a thorough assessment and practice various techniques including shiatsu, hot stone massage, and reflexology.



Some say the key to happiness is finding hobbies outside of your professional life – so why not work on a new passion project? You can cultivate new skills and meet new people through creative workshops. It’s more social and interactive than online video tutorials. Let out your inner Martha Stewart and learn about arranging beautiful bouquets or constructing succulents at Olla Flowers winter workshop series.

And, if you have a penchant for chocolate, you can discover the art of chocolate making through the hands-on ‘Winnow Wednesday’ workshops at East Van Roasters. The team is always looking for volunteers to help winnow their cacao beans, and as a bonus, you can nibble on a fresh batch of bean-to-bar chocolates and other treats made in-house by the local chocolatier.