What is the allure of having original art in your store?  Does it generate discussion; does it draw people into the store?

We’re all about showcasing original art, not only in Gastown, but in every Fluevog store. Being purveyors of ‘unique soles for unique souls’, supporting local artists and creativity wherever and whenever we can is a natural fit and the response from our customers has always been positive. 

It’s definitely a conversation starter and we’ve found that having one-of-a-kind pieces around not only draws people into the store, but also helps make for a friendlier space. As much as we hope our shoes are the main draw, it’s never a bad thing to have another eye-catching item in store for people to bond over. 

How do you decide on the art piece?  What is it about this particular art piece that made it the winning submission?

Lee actually approached us about having the piece displayed in our store. After talking to him, seeing the sculpture and learning a bit more about it, we thought it would be a great fit for the store and were flattered to have been chosen. The piece itself clearly is outstanding and is bold and unique in the way we like to think our shoes are. It wasn’t a tough decision to agree to the partnership.


“Sense of Silence” is on display now until November 2nd at Fluevog‘s flagship store at 65 Water Street. You can read more about the inspiration behind this incredible sculpture in our interview with artist/designer, Lee Roberts.