Working in partnership with The Bloom Group, Cutler is currently helping to raise money to give the facility a much-needed makeover.

At May’s Place, individuals from all walks of life receive compassionate end-of-life care in a supportive, home environment. Patients and their loved ones are able to spend meaningful time together in a peaceful setting that provides access to medical treatment, meals, counseling and social activities. And after close to 25 years in operation, the six-bed facility is starting to show it’s age.

“We are often asked to participate in local charity events, but we really wanted to do something in the downtown east side, our neighbourhood,” noted Jeff Cutler, who founded Cutler with his wife, Natalie. “We also wanted to find a project where we could best use our skills.”

Having considered a few non-profits in the area, Jeff arranged to meet with The Bloom Group at May’s Place.

“We knew we had found the right project,” he explained. “We really believe that a well-designed interior environment can have a positive effect on the individuals who spend time there.”


The Cutler team paid several visits to the hospice, examining each space and putting together a plan that includes updating the lobby, family meeting, dining and resting areas. They also identified a need to provide staff with new lighting and workspace solutions.  

“Once complete, the entire space will function much better and be a positive environment for residents, staff and guests,” Cutler said. “It’s very emotional being in the space and we want to design something that is comfortable and functional for them.”


While this isn’t the first pro-bono project for Cutler Design, it is their largest project to date. The team is currently engaged in a co-fundraising project with The Bloom Group that hopes to raise $25k to support the purchase of furniture, paint, millwork, lighting and the construction materials needed to bring their design to life.

“The work that The Bloom Group has done at May’s Place is very inspiring,” noted Cutler. “Working with them on this project has been very rewarding.”

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