Steampunk Doll Makeup by Kianna Lopes

JCI has earned a reputation for being an industry leader in job-ready education in fashion and beauty. From stunning smoky eyes to a gory gunshot wound, all elements of makeup artistry are covered in an in-depth comprehensive program. Students start by mastering beauty and fashion makeup techniques and then move into advanced work such as airbrushing, special effects, and prosthetic construction and application for film.

It’s the opportunity to learn hands-on – an essential aspect in artistry – that has drawn passionate talent to the renowned institute. “Students in our program have the chance to design and create projects in class much like they do in the industry,” explains Industry Liaison, Jennine Cook.

Poster JCI Jack SparrowPoster JCI Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands Makeup by Kianna Lopes & Jack Sparrow Makeup by Jaclyn Hachey

Skills are put to the test through live demonstrations. For their final project, students showcase their special effects artistry, creating movie-like characters on a live model, which involves lifecasting a facial impression and sculpting a custom prosthetic that is later applied and painted on transforming the model’s face into a wondrous creature.

“The process is similar to what is used in Hollywood to create the famous movie characters in films such as The Grinch, Planet of the Apes, and X-Men,” Jennine notes.

The tricks of the trade are taught by an impressive faculty, made up of accomplished artists who continue to work in the industry. This year, instructors Darci Jackson and Lindsay Pilkey have just finished working on season 2 of The Bachelor Canada, and Tracy Lai has recently received a Leo Film Award for her special effects work in the motion picture, Evil Feed.

The institute’s roots in Gastown have proved to be an inspiring backdrop for creative learning. “Gastown is an amazing place to work and study because it is located in the heart of our beautiful city with gorgeous views of the water and mountains and it’s so easily accessible,” Jennine explains.

z-gastown night shotPoster JCI Laura Langley Forest

Red Skeleton Makeup by Leigh Dickson & Forest Ivy Makeup by Laura Langley

Whether its hand painted masquerade masks on vampires, comic-book characters, or full-body skeleton airbrush makeup – if you can think of it, chances are they will be able to it. JCI’s students are actively looking for ways to gain more experience and are taking appointments for Halloween. If you’re interested in booking a JCI artist for Halloween, email [email protected]