We kicked off the month with the peeps at Bench – quite possibly the hippest accountants on Instagram. Seriously. Check out their feed here. Then it was over the BRUSH Salon for a lunch date with Milton. We love our Dogs of Gastown!

IGaug-bb     IG-augOSFbenyatippp

There’s never a shortage of food shots in our feed and August was about celebrating the newly arrived and the legendary. The Birds & the Beets is Gastown’s newest nosh spot and they’re constantly tempting us with granola. Down the street, the Old Spaghetti Factory never disappoints and we love this shot by @benyatippp.  

IGaug-Gaby     IGaug-Rowan

By mid-month we were ready for a shake up and Isaac Sim was the man for the job. This talented portrait photographer was the latest to takeover our account and he did it up right. His five day stint was filled with the faces of Gastown, from Gaby Bayona of Truvelle to the team at Rowan Sky.  

IGaug-ILM     IGaug-Nicli

Finally, it was all about hidden places within our spaces as we put our followers to the test with #namethatview. We thought our first shot would have people guessing, but that storm trooper gave it away. And this shot of Nicli Antica Pizzeria by @WhenTheyFindUs is our fave of the month.  

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