The month kicked off with a big birthday celebration and a sunny day off. Canada is best celebrated with brews and bread so these shots of Six Acres and The Portside Pub seemed appropriate.

July-Coffee     July-Diamond

Tanner Johnston, a tax guy with a creative eye, was our IG insider this month and he succeeded in getting the most likes per pic that we’ve seen so far. While these shots of Revolver coffee and the stairs at The Diamond were among the faves, his final snap racked up more than 1100 hearts.

July-Bruce  July-GGP

Steven Tyler was making the BC rounds mid-month, popping up in Kelowna, Stanley Park and Bruce Eyewear, where owner Nada Vuksic got her hands on him. Then, it was all action as the Gastown Grand Prix took over the hood. This throwback pic from the 70s was our personal fave. 

July-Josh     July-Patio

Sometimes, it’s all about perspective. Whether we’re hanging out the window at Miller Titerle to get a shot of the patios below, or catching Josh (Timbertrain) with a creatively placed light fixture, it’s all in a day’s gram. Photos by Pamela Saunders.

July-Timbertrain     July-nelson-easanti 

And finally, some rain fell. After almost three months with none of the wet stuff, we got a full day, inspiring some indoor cozy coffee shots from Timbertrain and Nelson the Seagull (credit to @easanti on the latter). 

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