Storefront of first Stark’s Glasgow House dry goods store on Cordova Street circa 1982

James Stark was the man behind the busines and no stranger to Gastown’s cobblestones. In 1892, he arrived in Vancouver with his family of six and opened a dry goods & millinery store on Carrall Street, and within a few years, relocated his shop to the Dunn – Miller Block on Cordova 


Stark’s Glasgow House on 170 West Cordova Street circa 1907

Shop goods were delivered on an Oldsmobile, one of the earliest vehicles in Vancouver designed with no inner tube, no fender and no horn, and was oddly referred to by James as “The Rolling Peanut”.

Years later, he moved Stark’s Glasglow House into the historic building on Cordova and Cambie where The Cambie Hostel & Pub sits today. For more years than we can count, The Cambie has become a favourite watering hole to rub elbows with characters from all walks in life. 


And just around the corner, you’ll find The Baker & The Chef (left). Formerly known as The Cambie Café, it was originally a bed & breakfast that served guests at the Cambie Hostel, and has since been converted into a local coffee shop providing café-style offerings from fresh daily baked pastries to homemade soups.

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