Inside Revolver Coffee, winner of the ‘best independent coffee shop’ 

Best specialty furniture store

2. Montauk, 228 Abbott St.

Best contemporary furniture store

1. Inform Interiors, 50 Water St.

Best tattoo studio

2. Gastown Tattoo Parlour, 105 W. Cordova St.

Best college/school/university for training in film or media

1. Vancouver Film School, 142 Water St.

Best barbershop

1. Barber & Co, 214 Abbott St.

2. JD’s Barbershop, 235 Abbott St.

Best men’s clothing store (independent)

2. Roden Gray, 8 Water St.

3. Motherland, 466 W. Cordova St.

Best place to buy jeans

1. Dutil, 303 West Cordova St.

Best local designer clothing store

3. Dream Apparel, 356 Water St.

Best eyewear store

1. Bruce Eyewear, 219 Abbott St.

Best pub

1. The Irish Heather, 212 Carrall St.

3. Cambie Pub, 300 Cambie St.

Best independent coffee shop

1. Revolver Coffee, 325 Cambie St.

Best restaurant wine list (B.C.)

3. Salt Tasting Room, 45 Blood Alley

Best brew pub

2. Steamworks, 375 Water St.

Best wine bar

2. Salt Tasting Room, 45 Blood Alley

Best restaurant for drink specials

2. Metropole, 320 Abbott St.

Congratulations this year’s winners and thanks to all who voted and continue to support our local businesses!