Peckinpah BBQ

Satisfy your casual cravings with Southern comfort. Peckinpah is a true barbecue joint delivering finger-licking food, done the good old fashion way. This is a fantastic spot to dine and unwind with top grade barbecued meats. Not to be mistaken for backyard grilling, Peckinpah pays tribute to barbecuing in Carolina tradition. Meats are done dry-rub style, so you won’t get a messy overdose of barbecue sauce on your plate. Briskets, beef short ribs and pulled pork – all locally sourced – are slowly cooked on low heat for up to 18 hours, resulting in a finer texture and perfect flavouring. Peckinpah’s smoked jalapeno mayo and honey bourbon sauce add the perfect kick. Top it off with a side of house-made sausage corndogs, pumpkin bread pudding – and ample amounts of beer & bourbon – and you’ll be rubbing your stomach in satisfaction. View Peckinpah’s menu here.


It’s always happy hour at Gringo. The casual taco joint is a great hangout spot to squeeze the most out of your dollar. The food isn’t Mexican, but Mexi-Cali inspired, bringing influences from the LA food truck scene into both their menu and restaurant atmosphere. Gringo has a great variety of delicious mini tacos (and over 30 different hot sauces) and tasty cocktails. As for the bar, ordering beer and tequila is bit of a wild card. Brands are not mentioned or labelled, simply order the type of drink you want and Gringo will serve you a fun surprise. 

It’s easy to see why Gringo has become a regular spot for locals. From their giant flamingo statue to pink trucker hats, Gringo offers something that a lot of restaurants are missing – a sense of humour. This is one place where you can feel at ease engaging in crazy conversations and not take yourself too seriously. Gather your friends, grab a seat on their colourful patio, order a variety of their delicious fare and have a good time.

La Casita


Gather your friends and enjoy a welcoming fiesta experience of traditional Mexican cuisine at the family-owned, La Casita. La Casita is a local favourite when it comes to affordable bites and celebratory dinners. The menu takes an authentic approach, featuring traditional comidas, quesadillas, enchiladas, taquitos dorados, churros, and more. Although the food is delicious, the drink offerings will bring your celebration to life. If you’re in the mood for fun cocktails, their special super-sized strawberry and lime margarita is one drink that will definitely get the party started. And don’t worry if you’re dining on a budget, La Casita’s daily great drink and lunch specials will make you want to come back and continue the fiesta throughout the week. View La Casita’s menu here.

Revel Room

It might be the soulful hospitality, retro furnishings or flavoursome tapas, but there’s something about Revel Room that makes you feel right at home. This lively eatery is a popular after-work destination for convivial late night dining and cocktail sipping. Revel’s menu mainly features nibbles and bites inspired by Southern flavours from New Mexico to New Orleans. Sides like bourbon bakes and Jalapeno cornbread are sure to warm up your taste buds. The cocktail list is equally impressive with over 15 classic libations and spirit forward house concoctions to choose from. But, it’s truly Revel’s spectacular live music nights that give the room its vibrant Southern vibe. Established musicians like the Steve Kozak Blues Trio and Mike Van Eyes literally ‘bring the house down’ with dynamic live performances four nights a week. View Revel Room’s menu here.