The Baker & The Chef delivers a full service breakfast and lunch. Their in-house bakers make a fresh batch of bread every morning, along with a delicious array of baked goods from candy-filled crispy treats to homemade donuts. When the mood strikes for a comforting meal, they also offer house-made dishes including beef stroganoff, chicken basquaise and duck chili. Or, if you prefer a healthier option, you can nosh on their Tabolueh or Kale salads, prepared fresh daily.


Step inside Brioche to enjoy the lovely aroma of Sicilian flavours. The cozy café-restaurant offers a wide selection of items created from scratch. Pasta sauces and soups are made daily in-house, along with house-baked focaccia. Pasta lovers should definitely drop by to taste their house-made gnocchi, served with a choice of original sauces including beef bolognese, pork salsiccia, pesto cream, and tomato Rose. Top it all off with a decadent pastry, also baked daily fresh.


Don’t let the sleek lounge interiors fool you – Chill Winston takes food seriously, and is one of the best spots for fresh, local offerings. Chef Derek Bothwell creates a medley of comforting dishes using sustainable seafood, free range chicken, wild meats from Mark Hills, and organic vegetables from Chill Winston’s plot of land at Earthwise farms. For those who love brunch, try Chill Winston’s house-made donuts and house smoked cheddar during their Sunday brunch service.


There’s a lot to love at East Van Roasters. From organic bean-to-bar chocolate to hand-rolled truffles, there are plenty of in-house artisan chocolates to choose from. Drop in for a visit and catch a glimpse of their workers in the act of chocolate making. The local chocolatier is a social enterprise that offers job experience to women residents of the Rainier Hotel, so keep in mind that each purchase supports a great cause.



For many locals, this cozy cafe is a second home. Nelson & the Seagull is a lovely place to relax while nibbling avocado on toast with a cup of flat white at hand – while enjoying the delicious scent of sourdough breads, freshly baked in their open kitchen. If you need a treat for the road, there’s a lovely selection of house-made pastries made with local, organic fare.


Why make a trip to the south when you can enjoy Southern Carolina barbecue in Gastown? Peckinpah serves authentic barbecued dishes served with house-made offerings that include homemade cornbread, barbecue sauces and house-smoked meats.


Nosh on something fresh for breakfast and lunch. Salty Tongue Café provides comfort in the best way with bread and pastries from their bakery, homemade soups, freshly roasted turkey and beef, and handmade salamis from Moccai. Local merchants like Matchstick Coffee Roasters supply the coffee, while J.N. & Z. provides the sausages, bacon, and ham. And, if you’re looking to rub elbows with fellow foodies, enjoy it all at Salty Tongue’s 40-ft communal table.


Taste the flavours of Peru and South America. Silvestre Deli & Bistro offers regional sandwiches and breakfast items using authentic ingredients. For those craving a warm bowl of soup, Silvestre serves some of the unique homemade broths inspired by age-old recipes, and prepared to perfection using imported Peruvian spices.