Army & Navy

36 West Cordova Street
Tel: 604-682-6644

Need an affordable pick me up? A visit to Army & Navy is one of the most convenient ways to fill your hunger. The historic department store offers hot dogs, burgers, fries, and plenty of finger food. Grab a quick bite and maybe do a little house shopping while you’re at it! Check out the one-stop store at 36 West Cordova Street. 

Peckinpah BBQ

2 Water Street
Tel: 604-681-5411


Like it spicy? Peckinpah serves a unique specialty hot dog known as the Jalapeno Pork Sausage sandwich. Don’t let the word sandwich fool you, this is more like a hot dog, made with pork sausage, roasted peppers and onions held together in a delicious French bun. Visit their Carolina style BBQ joint at 2 Water Street for more pork, sausage, and southern comfort indulgence.

Rainier Provisions

2 West Cordova Street
Tel: 604-558-2473


If you like craft sausage, you’ll love Rainier Provision. Rainier Provision is a delicatessen that is reviving sausage craft culture from Europe to Gastown with their grand selection of D-Original sausages found at the deli counter. You can choose from a wide variety of sausage, cheese, charcuterie and other simple and tasty grocery goods, and create your own craft version of a hot dog. Make yourself at home and visit their café at 2 West Cordova Street.

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Save on Meats Diner Pop Up

1 Cordova Street


Image courtesy of Scout Magazine

Delicious, and affordable, Save on Meats diner pop-up offers a long list of diner dishes including their infamous ‘Save On’ slap burgers, grilled cheese sandwich bun, deep fried perogies, and of course, hot dogs. You can’t just stop for only hot dogs, Save on Meats serves desserts made in-house – all under $6. Check out the retro style diner at 1 East Cordova.


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