“A bridal dress is the most emotionally driven clothing purchase many woman are going to be able to make in their lifetime – for people to trust us with the undertaking of making their wedding dress, I definitely don’t take lightly.”

– Gaby Bayona, Owner of Truvelle

Gaby Bayona started her bridal brand Truvelle in 2013 out of her Gastown apartment, that she lives in to this day.

As her business grew, Gaby expanded by opening up Truvelle Flagship, rebranded as Lovenote Bride,  which currently houses her four bridal lines: Aesling, Laudae, Halseene and of course, Truvelle.


After years of hard work and dedication, Gaby now houses her locally made dresses in her two flagship locations across Canada, sells wholesale globally and has more recently started Stranger, a modeling agency that focuses on diversity.

Just to keep it consistent, this business was also started in her Gastown apartment (what sort of magic is in this apartment and can we have some?)

Gaby has been in the wedding industry her whole life, following in the footsteps of her mother, a seamstress with her own custom dress shop.

Gaby is particularly proud that her brand manufactures in the city so she is able to pass down the art of sewing to her team that her mother passed on to her.

Stay tuned for Gaby’s full story and video feature once it’s safe to do so in regards to COVID-19.