It’s the summertime and it’s hot out there. The neighbourhood is full of life with everything you could want, collected into just 12 short blocks. For ice cream and cold drinks, Gastown has it covered.

Be it caramel, whipped cream, honeycomb, cookies, Himalayan pink salt, organic strawberries, Yuzu marmalade or the ubiquitous cherry, or perhaps house made lemonade, cold brew, fruity iced tea, Kombucha or soda, we have some cool places to get your sweet on.

Soft Peaks

Serving ice cream made from locally sourced organic milk, Soft Peaks is a sweet summer dream nestled in a sugar cone. Everything says quality and local – from the toppings to the cones and even the napkins. Options are creative, unique and delicious. Choose from 12 different soft serve topping combos and 3 blends of ice cream – Organic Milk/ Dark Chocolate/ Twist. Recommended for summer: Snowberry – Organic strawberry and organic strawberry agave syrup with cereal.

Trees Organic

With some of the best cheesecake in the city, Trees Organic is perfect for chilling out in and satisfying your tooth. Right now they have a refreshing Virgin Mojito Smoothie. This crisp minty-lime mocktail is a refreshing take on the popular Cuban-inspired cocktail that’s zesty, zingy, fresh and frosty! Trees also serves 100% fruit smoothies (Velvety Mango Smoothie or Sassy Strawberry) and a Cappuchillo – Frozen Coffee Frappe.


Inspired by the season, Mosquito has concocted a dessert that is summer on a plate: Citrus & Avocado – yuzu curd, avocado semifreddo, shortbread, kumquat in elderflower syrup, fresh grapefruit, honey yuzu foam.


It’s all about the cold brew. Timbertrain’s Cold Brew is referred to as Nitro Cold Brew. With the added nitrogen, the pressure forces the coffee through a disk with small holes in it, creating the frothy beautiful cold brew that comes out of the taps. This creates a cold brew coffee with a silky texture and creaminess reminiscent of a stout like Guinness. It’s best taken black, remaining bold but balanced. Cold brews have a lot more caffeine therefore, prudence is a virtue, dear coffee lovers when partaking from the desirable Timbertrain cold taps.


Coffee connoisseurs will love Revolvers special cold coffee. In addition to a rotating menu of world-class coffee, Revolver sells cold brewed coffee that is bottled fresh after 12 hours of overnight brewing. Each one is packaged in a flask-like glass bottle and is great to carry on the go to the beach or a picnic.

Birds & Beets

Birds & Beets is buzzing as usual in a hive that’s alive with magic, flowers and sunlight. Cool down, relax and refresh with their assortment of house made libations: Kombucha, Ginger, Beer, Soda, Iced Tea.

Nelson The Seagull

Flying straight out of South Africa to share their joy and passion for good food, coffee and community, Nelson The Seagull is your home away from home. Come here to sip house made lemonade and cold brew coffee, be it on the sunny patio or within the comfort of the shop.

David’s Tea

Gastown has a tea emporium filled with the most daring and delicious blends, mixes and loose leafed arrangements. David’s Teas will serve many of it’s tea iced including delightful choices like Raspberry Mojito, Caribbean Crush, Frozen Raspberry, Fruity Oasis and a bounty of others.