A good cup of coffee always makes the day feel less ‘despresso’. If you work in the hood, take full advantage of your coffee break, Sip on single origin blend at Timbertrain, followed by a few nibbles from their ever-changing array of baked goods. You can even turn your visit into a work affair. Timbertrain’s interior carriage booth is a cozy spot to hang out, or host a brainstorm session with co-workers.

If you’re flying solo, drop into Revolver for a pour-over and grab a seat in the window. Grammers will love the view. Looking down onto the sidewalk is perfect for getting the perfect umbrella shot. 

If sophisticated interiors tickle your fancy, a visit to Milano might inspire you to be more productive. Often frequented by creative professionals, the chic space is decorated with motivational quotes and filled with the scent of Milano’s Italian roasted coffee. And, if you’re stuck on what to order, we’ve covered a list of signature drinks. 

You know how people say you can ‘smell rain’? Keep your spirits up by banishing it. Litchfield’s Puebco Sandalwood incence is perfect for setting the mood or grab a few neighbourhood inspired candles from L’Atelier. The Gastown version by the Vancouver Candle Company brings together leather, tobacco, amber and black pepper. Interesting, right? 

Street6If you’re running errands on a chilly day, bundle up with some quality layers. LYNNSteven carries fabulous coats designed by the Montreal outerwear brand, Mackage, that will keep you warm and stylish. Over at Nouvelle Nouvelle, the Hello Doll Camel Wool coat by Sessus is new in-store and one to covet. 

In Vancouver, you never know when the day calls for impromptu rain, so it’s best to always be armed with a portable umbrella. The BLUNT™ umbrella, found at Rowan Sky, has the quality of a full sized stick umbrella, but easily fits in your bag. The aerodynamic robust canopy structure holds up well so you’ll never have to worry about it turning inside out.

When you’re craving an after-work drink, warm up with hot sake. Guu is an Izakaya-style Japanese eatery offering entertaining food experience. Take your work friends out for a night of fusion share plates, inventive cocktails, and hot sake in a fun, casual setting. Over at Shirakawa, you can enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere with teppan-grilled meats and authentic Japanese cuisine. Sip it all down with prohibition-inspired cocktails and high-end sake imported from Japan. Go ahead, kick back and have a few glasses – even if you have work in the morning. Premium sake is literally hangover free, so you can sip away without feeling guilty.