There are plenty of fantastic restaurants in Gastown. As time moves on, it seems our culinary offerings only get better, and the selection of international fare grows into a bounty of never ending deliciousness.

Oh the good life! Oh the sweet life! The sun’s out, and spring is in full swing. Maybe your cheat day is overdue, or perhaps you haven’t had an indulgent dinner for a while. Sometimes we all need to loosen our belts and kick back, so why not live a little?

Today’s post is dedicated to Italian food and where to find it in Gastown. Life’s short and Italian cuisine non fa scuse né aspetta nessuno.

Di Beppe Caffe & Ristorante

Every good neighbourhood needs a hangout, a place where locals are at home, and where newcomers sense the feeling of community the moment they enter the space. Di Beppe is like this – authentic, cultured, inviting. The caffe/restaurant is family owned and adorned in keepsakes from an Italian upbringing, serving dishes that were perhaps once concocted in a Mama’s kitchen in Naples. Di Beppe is a diminutive form of Giuseppe or Joseph.

Single out any one item – that alone will be enough to come here on repeat visits. The affogato is a fine example, as is the appolini or the pizza. In the restaurant, pizza may be ordered by the meter – great for sharing, and a three foot margarita pie makes a perfect table centrepiece. Additionally, choose from a simple menu of antipasti and pasta.

True to its roots, there is a commercial pantry stocked with high quality olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pasta, dolci, pannetone, and other staples. Buy online or in the shop.

Rest here awhile to savour the good things in life along with coffee, conversation and quiet moments.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Nicli Antica Pizzeria is the first VPN certified Neapolitan pizzeria in Vancouver. Located within a century old building where age-old brick walls stand silently, allowing a contemporary bright interior to dance subtly in and among modern light fixtures and furniture. The atmosphere is refreshing, comfortable and spacious.

A balanced wine list pairs nicely with wood fired pizzas, old world recipeinspired antipasti and insalati and hearty pastas. Linger long after dinner with an aperitif or espresso and a good helping of both house made tiramisu and panna cotta.

Al Porto Ristorante

Al Porto is an intimate restaurant suited for all occasions, along with great mountain views. Steps away from the Steam Clock, Al Porto sets the bar high with traditional Italian cuisine in an impressive two level dining area. Satiate your appetite with delicious seafood, game and wood-fired pizza, accompanied by a critically acclaimed wine list that features over 300 varieties from around the world.

Old Spaghetti Factory

Old Spaghetti Factory is a living museum of Canada’s colourful past. For over 37 years diners have returned time and again to enjoy reasonably priced food in unique surroundings. The menu includes a wide range of delicious selections such as veal parmigiana, New York steak, tender breast of chicken and a feature rib dinner. They also have a separate menu which is entirely gluten free.


This cozy, brick-lined café is a great place for an intimate gathering over rich, Sicilian food. With culinary experience in Sicily, head chef/owner Eduardo Billardello brings the spirit of Italy to Brioche. The menu offers delicious home-style Sicilian dishes with local West Coast flair. Try any of their fine pastas, ciopinno stew, or daily scratch homemade soups and pastries.

Water Street Café

Water Street Café is an iconic Gastown dining establishment. Recently celebrating 30 years in business, the restaurant is classic in all aspects of service. From white linen covered tables, to long apron clad servers, the room itself harkens to a time when everything was made with care and crafted at home. The restaurant offers a classic dining experience with West Coast-Italian dishes that will leave you with pleasant taste memories for days.  Everything is prepared in house using fresh ingredients, Italian flavours and bold spices. The menu is superb featuring creative pastas, excellent seafood, daily baked fresh breads, and exquisite desserts. Seat yourself on the  patio to enjoy quality cuisine and a beautiful view of the historic steam clock.