I’ll admit it. I might be trying to peek through the paper-shrouded glass to see how things are coming along at MEET. There’s no official opening date yet, but the veggie friendly spot is now hiring and that’s a good sign. Sweet Chili Cauliflower and MEET’s Beet Salad are high on my list.


It may not be patio weather yet, but Chill Winston’s window seats are the next best thing. You can soak up a little sunshine while diving into the CW Salad, full of Earthwise farm greens, vanilla poached pineapple, charred onions and goat cheese mouse. Personally, it’s the Ahi Tuna Tartare for me. I’m allergic to pineapple.

photo courtesy of Chill Winston 


I stopped by The Birds & the Beets around lunchtime earlier this week to prep for a meeting and couldn’t resist the Charred Veggie Sandwich. It changes seasonally and this winter there’s a distinctly pickled flavor that I couldn’t get enough of. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I got up to get a fork partway so that I could reclaim every bit that fell on the plate.


Step inside the Tasting Room at Secret Location for a light lunch by Chef Montgomery Lau. From the Cured Arctic Char & Caviar with yellow beet, crispy wheat berry and horseradish crème fraiche, to the Steamed Mushroom Salad featuring an assortment of mushrooms, celery, crispy onion, and soft boiled quail egg, there’s something for every taste.


photo courtesy of Secret Location


When I’m in a hurry and need something that I can paw and run, Bao Down or Tacofino are golden. The first offers Asian inspired street food and the second, well, it’s all about that fish taco. Yum.

For a full list of Gastown restaurants, head here.