A virtual gallery from #OurGastown community

What started as a grassroots initiative has quickly gained momentum as our local businesses have come together to provide boarded-up storefronts as a canvas to local artists. The acrylic odes are testament to the influence the frontline staff has had on our community and a reminder that we are all in this together.

The movement has spread to over 35 murals of gratitude completed by more than 20 local artists throughout Gastown, with new pieces popping-up and inspiring our city daily.

Here is a collection of the latest murals:


The initiative was started by Kim Briscoe, owner of our local custom framing and art shop Kimprints, who saw an opportunity to use art to show love and thanks to our frontline workers, while spreading hope in the community.

“At a distance, I could see how terrible the building looked and it’s such a beautiful building, so I thought, ‘OK, we’ll have to do something about this.’” – Kim Briscoe, Owner of Kimprints. Photo by: @rikaartist

Europe Hotel

“During the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s been tough to not feel hostile towards strangers. That’s why @_joshua_kingston and I wanted to keep a positive memory of the pandemic and share an important message. We hope others can enjoy the gesture and remember spreading kindness goes a long way” – Artist Laura Pummell + Joshua Kingston
“Separate But Together” – Yeah, social distancing may suck but it doesn’t mean social isolation. Hope everyone is keeping connected with friends/fam, spreading love & checking in on those vulnerable folks in our lives. Stay safe & healthy, y’all” – Artist Adi


“Stand United” – Artist Paul Schmitke

“It takes a certain darkness to see the stars” – Artist Julie S.


“This mural is a story about unity and empowerment. I created this mural to pay homage to the extraordinary real-life superheroes who have kept the COVID-19 crisis at bay. The pandemic has created a shared universe where our superheroes are united in their mission to flatten the curve over Vancouver. In Latin, IN OMNIA PARATUS means “Ready for Anything”. Three simple words that define the hero’s journey that we are all on this year. It’s a reminder that no one is powerless when we stand together.” – Artist Jen Tsang

Dutil Denim

Stil Classics

“Thanks for not eggsiting your homes!” – Artist Cat Doxford

Rowan Sky

“Reality hit once we saw the state of our local grocery stores… I painted this little guy to hopefully bring a bit more joy and a little less fear when grocery shopping” – Artist Cynthia Tranvo
“I finally found a way to give back to the essential service workers and all of you staying at home and staying apart. The City of Vancouver, Gastown BIA and Kim at Kimprints created a safe program to breathe life back into the city.” – Artist Angela Joelle Gooliaff

Frank and Oak

Mural by Mia Givon

Nouvelle Nouvelle

Mural by Artist Lukas Lundberg

Versace Home

Mural by Stefan

L’atelier Home | Artemisia

“This was thoughtfully curated to spread positive messages and joy during these somewhat uncertain times. The positive response was wonderful and we are glad this is something everyone can enjoy. We would also like to stress that we made every measure to stay protected and maintain social distancing. We used PPE and marked a 2m box around us so the correct distancing was upheld” – Artists Olivia Knight + Christina Boots

Heather’s Flower Shop

“Trying to brighten up the city one board at a time.” – Arstist Kayla K.Yazdi

Honey Gifts

“You can see everyone’s smiling when they walk by and a lot of people that take photos and it’s really good.” – Artist Izzie Cheung
Piece by local artist Ciele Beau
Mural by Sara Vandegraaf

Parliament Interiors

“Building community at a time of Isolation. Here is the start to our boarded-up, store-front mural. Like a pack of Gastown dogs, we are in this together. Local artist @iamextinkt is painting the faces of Gastown dogs.” – Parliament Interiors


Jade Vancouver

“Home is the safest place to be right now…as sunny weather approaches staying inside gets harder. Thankful to be able to paint & practice social distancing” – Artist Irma

Rain Nightclub

Mural by Artist Lukas Lundberg

Native Shoes

“Art has a way of bringing people together | Physical distancing is so important right now but has left many people feeling isolated. My good friend and wife are some of the most creative people I know. Together we painted a mural in Gastown to reflect the times” – Healthcare worker + Aritist + Husband x Wife duo.

Seven-year-old, Phoebe makes her mark, while spreading happiness.

Rains Gastown


“We’re in This Together” – Artist Sophia Bakos
“If you are able, stay home for the safety of others and yourself.” – Artist Vittoria

OK Boot Corral

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain” – Artist @mr.scriptkeeper + @mariabertosh.art

The Irish Heather

“Thanks to everyone for doing their part right now, and to all of the front line workers risking themselves to keep us going and safe.” – Artist Tierney Milne + Mark Illing

Lemongrass House

“Painting in the streets, in the dark, might sound scary, but it was total bliss. The neighbourhood was delightful, filled with encouraging and thankful comments. I feel so lucky to be given the chance to bring something positive to my favorite neighborhood in Vancouver.” – Artist Amy Danning Sun

Haru Korean Kitchen

“I wanted to make something more light hearted to provide people with. Take this situation seriously but also find the satirical humour in it. Hope you enjoy.” – Artist Emerald Repard-Denniston
“Hey all you cool cats and kittens, wash your paws!” – Artist Lauren Bortoli

Bruce Eyewear

“INTROVERT SEASON. It sucks that we all won’t be able to go to concerts or restaurants or national parks for a while, but there is also an abundance of time for us to work on personal projects… and chill” – Artist Abi Taylor

The Lamplighter

“Finding a balance” – Mural 1/3 by Artist Amy Flak

Gringo Gastown

“It’s an honour to be part of this community.” – Artist Kayla K.Yazdi

FortKnight Men’s Boutique

“As ya’ll know, community is hugely important to FortKnight – we have been a gathering place, and sounding board, and a network in Gastown and Vancouver for nearly 10 years. We ask everyone to support your community by self-isolating – not just for yourself, but for all those at risk. We will get through this, and once again be the place for you to share stories, laugh with friends, and look/feel your best.” – FortKnights own Artist Jeremy

Angel Vancouver

“Showing their faces really speaks to the community…. These amazing women, who are working so so hard right now.” – Artist Breece Austin
Jackie is the owner of the Angel boutique in Gastown. She is an artist, entrepreneur, and has a heart of gold. – Artist + Store Owner Jackie Haliburton

Austin Tuck Studios

“Labour. Love. Documented” – Artist Kook

Please note: All photos have been taken from the artists or BIA business members for the purpose of this gallery. Thank you for everyone that has contributed their time, resources, and talent. Together, this is #OurGastown and we are not going anywhere!