Gaoler’s Mews Courtyard is a popular spot for both fashion and wedding photography. Steps away from Blood Alley, the cobblestone courtyard runs between Carrall and Cordova and connects with the historic Alhambra building. The stunning glass elevator shaft, surrounding solariums and burgundy brick walls make a striking backdrop for photoshoots, and doubles up as a spot to rekindle a bit of romance (and even pop the question) after a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood.


Photo by Pamela Saunders

Shortlisted as one of the world’s coolest parkades, the Cordova Street Parkade has quite the structure. Its intricate patterns of granite steel are a rather unique layout inspired by 19th century train stations. This architectural beauty was built using old pieces of Vancouver bridges. Park your car and seize the photo-op.

BackAlleyWaterStreet GastownGrafitti Master

Behind the Steam Clock lies an industrial-looking alley with a decent view of the West Coast Express and CPR train yards. You’ll often find this haunt in edgy and editorial fashion shoots, like Niftydo’s lifestyle photo shown to the left.

This vibrant mural is one of Gastown’s most colourful graffiti arts, found between Cordova & Hastings on Homer Street. The art piece pays tribute to M.C. Escher’s hand with reflecting sphere (right).


WoodwardsFacade TimeisPrecious

This hollow structure (left) has been well admired on Instagram and many are wondering what’s going in. It’s set to become home to Ormidale Block, a new retail and office building with a fully restored heritage facade. While the project is underway, the construction site is still a distinct sight to behold.

Life is short, time is paramount and this neon reminder carries sentimental value. Find this above Secret Location on Water Street. The light installation (right) by JJ Wilson of Kit & Ace was created last year and will remain a permanent fixture.

These are just a few of many great haunts in Gastown. Where are your favourite spots? Tag it on Instagram @MyGastown and we might regram your photo!