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New Year. New Fabulous Eats. 

The new year has met us with some damn good eats. But what’s better than good eats? A whole neighbourhod of good eats – and sips.

Gastown is a place where culinary dreams come true. And this month, there’s no messing around. From city-wide festivals to dining with a cause, let’s make those dreams a reality. 

So, buckle up and enjoy the culinary ride through Gastown. Let’s just call this your early 2023 sip+savour guide.


Dine Out Vancouver, Jan. 20 – Feb. 5

Canada’s largest food and drink festival, Dine Out, is once again back. And it’s bigger than ever.

Join these 11 Gastown locations from Jan. 20 – Feb. 5.


Hot Chocolate Fest is back. Are you on the pursuit to finding the most epic hot chocolate in the city? Well, you’ve come to the right place as Gastown has some fierce contenders.

Check out these three participating Gastown locations from Jan. 14 – Feb. 14.

Giving Jan – january & beyond

We’re starting the new year off right. From burgers for the DTES Women’s Centre to pasta for the Food Bank to non-alchoholic beer for mental health.

Learn more about what these Gastown locations are doing to give back to the community this month – and beyond.

There’s two new kids on the (Cordova) block and you’re going to want to check them out. Especially if elevated, colourful, fusion-inspired dining is your thing. I mean, why wouldn’t it be?

Introducing two new, must-savour spots.

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