Moon Under Water – Light Side of the Moon (Session Lager)

Nothing says summer like a session beer! If you’re looking for an easy-drinking beer to enjoy outside on a hot day, grab a four-pack of Light Side of the Moon. This is a brand new seasonal Session Lager from Victorian B.C.’s The Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery with a light fruit flavour and mild malt hops. 


Tree Mellow Moon Pineapple Hefeweizen

Sunny days are made better with this refreshing, citrusy, pineapple-flavoured beer. The Hefeweizen-style beer from Kelowna, B.C has dry mild hop finish and is unfiltered for a naturally cloudy brew. This is the perfect beer to use in a beer cocktail and pairs well with Hawaiian pizza, spicy Indian cuisine and lemon meringue pie.


Steamworks Pilsner

Avid pilsner fans will want to get their hands on the award-winning pilsner by Steamworks brewery. This full-bodied beer pays homage to the original Pilsners of the Czech Republic. It’s rich, malty lager with a spicy, floral hop character. Crisp, complex, and delicious––this is the ultimate crushable beer! Grab a six-pack and look for Gastown’s landmark, The Europe, on the packaging.


Bomber Brewing  – Bike Route Best Bitter

Looking for the perfect summer ale? Bomber Brewing from East Vancouver has released their new session ale with mosaic hops, subtle malt tones and a lemon and tropical fruit finish. Open up a bottle and share it with friends on the patio!



JoieFarm – Muscat

Muscat by JoieFarm is a fantastic wine to enjoy at an outdoor picnic with a light fruit salad. Inspired by fond memories to the north of Italy, this Okanagan wine is light, floral and fruity with peach and apricot tones and peppery nose. On the palate you can taste grapey flavours with lemon, lime, and kumquat.


Castro de Oro – Heart of Gold

If you’re looking for a great patio sipper, try Heart of Gold by Castoro de Oro from Oliver, B.C. This is a very fruity white wine (blended with Viogner, Auxerrois and Pinot Blanc) with a dry body and smooth finish. You can taste sweet flavours like wild honey, melon, and apricot. This is the perfect wine to complement sunny weather and pairs well with halibut, salmon, and scallops.

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