Meet Me In Gastown: Takeout Menu – Gastown

Order For Takeout

Di Beppe

Address: 8 W Cordova St

Phone: 604.559.1122

Caffe: Order/pick-up at location.


Address: 27 Blood Alley Square

Phone:604.673 0513

Order/pick-up at location or call to place order. 

La Casita

Address: 101 W Cordova St

Phone: 604.646.2444

Local Public Eatery

Address: 3 Alexander Street

Phone: 778.737.4277

Visit Local’s takeout table on Carrall St to place your order/pick-up.

MeeT in Gastown

Address:  12 Water St

Phone: 604.696.1111

Momo Sushi

Address: 6-375 Water St

Phone: 604.683.7632

Six Acres

Address: 203 Carrall St

Phone: 604.488.0110

See sandwhich board at front of restaurant for special menu/takeout options.

Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizza

Address: 114 Water St

Phone: 604.566.4717

Event Special: A slice of the “Gastown Special” pizza with a pellegrino soda for $7.50 (must order/pick-up at location for special).

Skewers Souvlaki Pita Bar

Address: 26 Powell St

Phone: 604.566.5257

Order/pick-up at location

Soft Peaks

Address: 25 Alexander St

Order/pick-up at location

All Day Happy Hour

Find all day happy hour specials at the following locations:

Jules Bistro

Kozak Ukrainian Eatery

MeeT In Gastown

Smith’s Irish Pub