This month, we’ve teamed up with a university student who’s love of technology and spare time on transit have turned her into an IG machine. We’re not sure whether it’s her love of coffee or shop dogs that keeps her coming back to Gastown, but if you spend enough time in the hood, you’re bound to cross paths with her.

You’re in university right now – what is your field of study? 
Yes! Indeed, I am in university. I’m currently a student in SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology (or “SIAT,” for short!). What’s that you ask? Well, it’s a combination of a bunch of things! SIAT students do a lot of hands-on work, delving into areas of applied computing, new media and art to design new technologies. Quite a mouthful, but really, we’re just a large happy family of creative people who love making new things! 

Where do you hope it will take you in the future?
At the moment, I am obsessed with graphic design and photography. I love the freedom and personality that can be evoked by both. Perhaps something related to graphic design, or photography, or print media would be something to aim for in the future. The thought of being a Creative Director also appeals to me. However, as a personal rule, I don’t lay a clear career path before me, I just do what I love and let my passions guide me to the right place. 
MG-Christy4You’re pretty active on Instagram – how do you find the time?
I make time! Instagram has been my go-to outlet for creativity and I love making my own content and sharing my work. Taking transit eats up a lot of time during my day, so whenever I’m heading to school, or an event, or (most likely) to Gastown, I’m on Instagram posting photos! 
What’s the secret to getting a great minimalist shot?
With minimalist photography, white space is your friend! I like to keep my photos clean and simple, often showcasing a single object, a dynamic angle, an ordinary location or interesting shadow-play. I love to bring out the little details that people quite often overlook. 

What draws you to Gastown when you’re in the mood to ‘gram?
Gastown was designed for people to explore. No matter how many times I walk down the same streets in Gastown, I can always find something that I’ve overlooked! The shops are the same way. Each shop in Gastown is filled with these personal, intimate details that give the interior character. As a photographer it’s always exciting when you discover an angle you’ve overlooked, or when you stumble across a hidden courtyard you’ve never seen before. Gastown offers such a rich environment for creativity and inspiration, while maintaining that aura of authenticity and history behind those exposed brick walls.
MG-Christy1     MG-Christy6     MG-Christy8
Favourite interiors or people?
As far as interiors go, I will never forget the day I happened to stumble across Olla Urban Flower Project. Filled with natural light and located just up the stairs off the main street, this space is definitely the hidden gem of Gastown. I have many favourite shops that I make regular visits to, including Old Faithful Shop, espace d., and One of a Few. Lumas is also a new favourite of mine. I love dogs! And I love how Gastown is home to many dogs that welcome visitors to their shops. Happy little Lucy from espace d. is such a sweetheart and she’s currently my favourite dog of Gastown!
Do you have a favourite place in the hood to window shop (or spend some hard earned cash)?
Old Faithful Shop, hands down! I buy their books and lifestyle magazines faster than I can read them. It’s become quite a bad habit, really. I simply can’t pass up a beautifully designed lifestyle magazine, Kinfolk and Cereal Magazine in particular! Those are my biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to photography and aesthetic.

How about when you need a jolt of caffeine?
Coffeebar is my go-to study/work place. Love their Spanish Lattés! 

Christy has taken over the @MyGastown IG account for the week, so check it out. You can also find / follow her on Instagram @1000simplemoments and connect with her through her web site here.

We’ll have our next profile up in May, so be sure to check back for more. And if you’re an insider with a unique perspective on the neighbourhood, head to our Instagram feed at @MyGastown and tag your photos. You might hear from us!