This month, it’s Isaac Sim (@isaacseemstohave) in the hot seat. This Singapore-born portrait and music photographer, who’s been known to tell some bad jokes, has been on our radar for some time, but a shot of our pal @jromijn (below) sealed the deal. Originally schooled for the engineering world, Isaac is all about images these days, taking his camera from the foot of a concert stage to the wilds of Garibaldi Lake – where we hear he may have broken his foot while in pursuit of the perfect pic.

What was it about taking pictures that won out?

It was both stopping time to capture a story and being able to put my creativity to its fullest that won out.

Concert photos are a big part of your portfolio. What is it about music that inspires you?

I’ve been listening to music since young around 11 years old. Back then I wanted to start a band to play music and have fun with my best friends. What truly inspired me was about how diverse and creative music can bring out a simple human being like us and how different kind of music gets connected around with different styles.

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You’re also an accomplished portrait photographer. How do you get your subjects to relax in front of the camera?

I usually grab coffee with them before I do a shoot. We talk about life or anything in general. And I always joke around with them during shoots. I don’t know, my subjects almost always tell me that they’re comfortable when shooting with me.

Do you have a favourite shoot from the work you’ve done so far?

I don’t have a favorite shoot because all of them are fun. I try my best to make it fun. 

What would be the ultimate shoot?

The ultimate shoot would be photographing Emma Watson just because I’ve been a fan of her since Harry Potter – don’t judge me.

When did you move to Canada and how did you discover Gastown?

I permanently moved to Canada in the fall of 2013, but my aunt brought my family and I to Gastown twelve years ago when we first visited Vancouver.

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Do you have any favourite Gastown spots to do photoshoots?

There is this parking lot above Vancouver Film School. I did one of my favourite shoots there.

What makes the neighbourhood unique?

I would say the people working around Gastown. How they know each other. And become friends over time, visiting one another to buy things and basically supporting the local stores and shops.

Any favourite spots to get coffee, grab a bite or shop?

Timbertrain. I’ve become good friends with them over time.

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