This month, we teamed up with Viranlly Liemena, who spends his days amid the ever exceptional ensembles at Indochino and is just as adorable as his IG account suggests. Known for decadent shots of his daily cortado, it was Viranlly’s style that first caught our eye. Always dapper, he’s just back from New York fashion week and ready to share his take on food, fashion and a penchant for post-work cocktails in Gastown. 

When did you know that fashion was your future?

I always knew I’d end up doing something creative since day one. But I became a little more focus (borderline obsessed) with fashion in high school and since then I’ve been consistently working in that direction!

Your place is on fire, what three items of clothing do you rescue?

Assuming I’m wearing a gray suit and a white shirt at the time of fire (which, is VERY likely) I would rescue a navy blazer, a pair of jeans and my favorite shoes.

Velvet or tweed?


Where in Gastown do you go to find inspiration?

Honestly, every corner of Gastown can bring me inspiration, but I find a lot of it by people watching in coffee shops!

Best place to window shop (or spend some hard earned cash) in Gastown?

The Thom Browne section at Roden Gray.

ViranllyBK     Viranlly5     Viranlly6

A few gorgeous shots from Viranlly’s IG feed, taking us from Brooklyn to breakfast in bed (with a cool set of stairs thrown in).

How about when you need a jolt of caffeine?

Revolver and Timbertrain are my two favourites!

Where do you go for a culinary adventure?

L’Abattoir is my go to, and I’ve been meaning to check out Blacktail’s new lunch menu.

And finally, to celebrate a job well done?

Either the Diamond or L’Abattoir!

Viranlly is in the drivers seat this week on our Instagram feed @MyGastown with images of his fave spots. You can also find / follow him on Instagram @viranlly.

We’ll have our next profile up in March, so be sure to check back for more. And if you’re an insider with a unique perspective on the neighbourhood, head to our Instagram feed at @MyGastown and tag your photos. You might hear from us!