In Gastown, there’s always a new beginning.

Upon our little stage, characters make their way, say their piece and show their true colours. They delight, drawing us into their own special brand of magic. Enchanted, we sit for a while to share the experience; with others and our host, connected, we feel part of, wishing this moment would never fade.

But nothing is forever. Change always brings an ending and today, it’s particularly difficult to let this one go.

Chill Winston.

The humble jewel atop our neighbourhood crown. The centre of a quiet revolutionary place, steeped in story and saturated in unbridled creativity.

Since 2006, you have opened your doors and the genuine welcome has never ceased.

Independent to the core, you fashioned a safe home for us where we knew we belonged.

Amid the fairly lights and outstretched umbrellas we shared good food and drink, laughter and tales and while looking up to stars, we imagined still greater things yet to come.

But now the time to exit has arrived.

Though the name may change and the people move on, the spirit of Chill Winston will never leave. It is part of the brick, the floor, the space, the trees, the lights and the air.

It is Gastown and what is done cannot be undone.

Thank you for 11 years of hard work, for helping the GBIS in a million ways and for simply being one awesome restaurant.


So we won’t say goodbye but we will say see you later.