The Spirit of Christmas, returns to the vibrant streets of Gastown tomorrow in the form of hundreds of beautiful voices. Under the canopy of fairy lights and on the cobblestone streets, Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood will host 15 fantastic carolling choirs who, through the gift of music, will surely touch your heart.

Yule Duel is a carolling competition, an outdoor live music event, a charity fundraiser, a street party and most importantly it’s what ever you wish it to be.

Christmas is a time to connect with others and with ourselves. It’s a time to celebrate, to give and to graciously receive all the blessings of life. And it most certainly is a time to have some real fun!

This December 6th starting at 6pm, come join us and make this fourth year of Yule Duel your little bit of Christmas magic.

Sounds delightful doesn’t it? But what exactly is Yule Duel?

It’s the light that shines in the darkness.


It’s about getting excited to sing.


It’s about not being afraid to shout and let it all out!


It’s about the chance to mix and mingle in a jinglin’ beat.


It’s about some serious par-rum-pa-pum-pum.


It’s about playing with heart and soul and an illuminated flower on your lapel.


It’s about helping others and not expecting anything in return.


It’s about singing the chorus with everything you’ve got.


It’s about the thrill and challenge of singing on a stage in front of thousands of people.


It’s about bragging a little because you know you worked hard to get here.


It’s about being willing to get it right but not perfect.


It’s about filling the streets of Gastown with lots of wonderful people.


It’s about singing from the heart.


It’s about smiling again and again.


It’s about hot chocolate on a cold night and that warm feeling of being together with your family.


It’s all about jazz hands!


It’s about getting to hear Dutch Robinson perform live, for free!


It’s about being creative and being yourself and saying: “This is me and I’m pretty happy about that”.


It’s about laughing so hard it hurts.


It’s about being enchanted because that’s what true magic does to you.


It’s about the times when you don’t expect to win and then, you do!


And finally…Yule Duel is not about what you get but what you give…and in the end,
it’s always more than you could have imagined.