Deadly Couture is a must-visit if you’re in search of an edgier costume. The shop is stocked with a diverse mix of alternative and gothic styles, suitable for Halloween or dressing to show your darker side. On the upper floor, you’ll find walls of frilly costumes, intricate lace and printed tights, tutus & crinoline skirts, and wigs of practically every colour. Deadly Couture’s lower level houses more fetish-inclined merchandise from latex costumes to neon pigmented makeup and hair dye.




If you want to find a retro costume that you can wear long after Halloween, make sure to pop into  New World Designs. The boutique has an eclectic selection of pinup sweaters, retro swimsuits and dresses inspired by the 1940s & 1950s, as well as a collection of prints, sugar skull art, and miniature objects by local artist Megan Majewski. For those looking to accessorize, New World Designs also has a handful of vintage hats adorned with lace and feathers. 



If you’re on a budget, or simply want to put together your own costume, Community Thrift & Vintage has a collection of retro frocks, sequined tops, body suits, rustic leather bags, and old-fashioned shoes, which you can mix and match to create a vintage-inspired costume. Everything inside is well priced and unique, so you’re bound to come across a rare fashion find to complete your Halloween look.



Salmagundi West and Uniques are like treasure-filled attics containing hidden gems and rare oddities. Both shops have an incredible assortment of antique collectibles from all around the world. Leading up to Halloween, Salmagundi is carrying a small collection of Oriental and Victorian-inspired costumes, along with tiny Halloween curios, decorative objects, and themed cards.


Looking for a mask? Kimprints has a solid collection of rubber, paper, and plastic masks in a variety of 15 different animals including unicorns, zebras, and black horses. If you plan on sprucing up your space, the shop also carries funky hanging décor, cards, kids jewellery and other Halloween knick-knacks like mini pumpkin holders, spider stands, spooky toy eyeballs and slinky glasses.