(The image of Harry Potter’s mailbox comes to mind). Although you may not get a ton of invites, chances are that your presence will be required at one or more fine ceremonies this year.

Gone are the stringent days of tops and tails or obnoxious hats with fake birds and florals. Anything goes in the 21st century, although it should fit the setting. Is it a casual affair or formal? Will it be outside all day and night or indoors most of the time? Best to know the full details before you set out to get kitted up.

Eventually, a mild panic may set in as you stand your ground with your closet, facing off squarely with the one unwashed pair of denim you’ve had for 8 months (a new record?), a few button down shirts with questionable collars, a black jacket but no dress pants to match, some skinny ties and then the abyss – endless piles of clothes stuffed in the back with no idea of what’s there. Time to go wedding outfit shopping in Gastown.


For the gentlemen, you could start with the shoes and work your way up. Fluevog has an extensive collection of footwear most appropriate for a wedding. The Kennedy – a brouged lace-up Derby wingtip, is timeless and rather natty and comes in seasonal aqua or classic tan. We also suggest 104 Prince St. – classic Oxford lace ups in green or black.


Secret Location holds a cache of very interesting bowties – Italian handmade ceramic from Cor Sine Labe Doli. These little fine works of art are quite beautiful and are very appropos for the occasion. A gold bee scales the right hand corner of this shiny white ceramic bowtie buzzing with breathless beauty; this piece ties in high fashion with quirky sensibilities. Made from 100% ceramic and silk ribbon. Secret Location now offers tailor-made suits, top coats, shirts and pants. All garments are fully hand-made in Naples using the best raw materials sourced strictly from Italy and Europe.

thom b

Roden Gray has an exceptional slim fit suit in dark grey twill – a Thom Browne high armhole suit with low-rise trousers. You simply can’t go wrong with this fine number.

A well-made hat is certainly most appropriate at a nuptial and Gastown’s Cappelleria Berttachi fits the bill. We recommend some of their Panama line. For the gentlemen, a timeless Pork Pie Panama looks well, and you can dance with it on.

Niftydo is an excellent source for well made leather goods including butter-soft Italian footwear and American-made wallets: all classic and pair well with any type of outfit.

Tasteful wedding gifts can be found at FortKnight. The men there have put together a fine selection of Czechoslovakian crystal whisky decanters and Italian fountain pens, perfect for couples that like the finer things in life.

Perfectly fitted shirts, that are suited to a tighter budget can be found at Motherland. Their National Standard Harvard Stripe is a refined look that is easy to wear, is 100% cotton, medium weight, tapered/slim fit and it’s made in Canada.

harvardLastly, and perhaps, most paramount, a sojurn to the barbers. One in need of grooming is indeed spoilt for choice with the selction of talented barbers around the neighbourhood – visit here for a list.