Gastown is a great place to get a cup of coffee, go out for a nice dinner and to shop. Despite the lack of locals clad in yoga pants or the vibe of intense health nuts racing through the streets, the neighbourhood is also an excellent place to find quality, stylish and well-made active wear.

Most of our active wear stores are flagship locations with a selection not found any where else. Whether you’re a runner, biker, yogi or power walker or you’d like to engage in a healthier active lifestyle, Gastown is the place to add to your summer wellness wardrobe. Come here so you can get out there living, breathing and looking good!

Strike MVMNT

The neighbourhood’s understated performance shoe store with an interesting name, Strike MVMNT has long been known for creating high quality performance shoes that exist outside of any one specific category. Long standing styles like the Pace and the Chill Pill are a testament to those who crave unobstructed movement, whether it be running, crossfit, parkour, dancing or hip hopping. Strike Mvmnt has simplified active lifestyle wear to a level of comfort and fit that surpasses many other brands attempting to do the same.

Chill Pill – Lunar Fleece/White
available for both men & women

Classic Short – Striped
Made In CanadaKey Short – Olive
Made In Canada

Karma Athletics

Karma Athletics believes in creating active wear that allows you to engage in healthy activity while still looking good. With a balance between fashion and athletics, Karma’s lines are distinct in look, fit and design. All of Karma’s apparel is made responsibly in Canada with a commitment to maintaining product quality and durability.

KarmaLuxe™ Astrid Tank – Navy
108.00KarmaLuxe™ Printed Kyla Crop – Turquoise
54.00KarmaLuxe™ Printed Felix Bra – Hexa Camo
108.00 the lab by lululemon

Half retail store, half design and sampling studio, the lab is a concept space for lululemon. For lululemon lovers, this is the brands wellspring. The lab stocks pieces that may never reach the racks of lululemon stores around the world. Rare, fresh and often experimental, the lab has some amazingly stylish activewear that maintains the high quality of the brand while allowing designers to explore beyond into almost furturistic trends before they happen.

Mirage Tight
The mesh folds of the Mirage Tight are actually a hidden pocket.
Available now in black and sea salt white.

Men’s Surge Short
In the lab’s exclusive black and white print
$Enquire at store

Kit and Ace

Masters of technical clothing, Kit and Ace is for active folk who prefer to go from the bike, straight to the office or to run to work and right into the boardroom for an 8am meeting. Kit and Ace uses high quality textiles like silk and cashmere blends, adding extra features you wouldn’t expect from streetwear—like water repellency, quick-dry and moisture wicking properties, hidden reflectivity, stretch and breathability.

Walk, bike or run to your next meeting.

These are made for the commute and the office—water-repellent, moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabric.

KSL Sport

Located within Boutique Amimoc at 322 Water Street, KSL Sport is the creation of Katy St-Laurent, former Canadaian champion cyclist. Katy has combined her passion for sports and active daily living and turned it onto a line of clothing for women on the move. Everything is made in Quebec and built to last.

Angelina Capri Grey
Wrinkle resistant fabric that breathes and does not retain odors.

Vilaine Short
Short shorts with sheathing strip. Ideal for running or cycling.