“The infamous Walter from Breaking Bad is an iconic look this year. His character wears a frame very similar to our beloved Dita.”


“Bring this beautiful studded pair of shades to a masquerade as sexy cat woman! This risqué disguise is made in collaboration by Agent Provocateur with Linda Farrow.”


“The De Stijl-esque sunglass with gold mirrored lenses from Culter & Gross of London is sure to please – whether it’s Halloween or not! Be a living Mondrian painting any time you want.”


“How about magically turning into Hogwart’s own Harry Potter with Moscot’s Eisen frame! Also available in sunglass if you want to be John Lennon next year.”


“The most fun costumes are the ones that transport you to another time. Interview all your friends in this charming red Andy Wolf frame as Sally Jessy Raphael.”

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