Father’s Day is this Sunday June 16.

It doesn’t have to look a certain way, nor does it need to be something over the top. Perhaps most Dads say: “Don’t worry about me” and cast off the day as just another Sunday. What Father’s Day can be, is an opportunity to spend some time with Dad by simply just hanging out and doing guy things together.

It’s ok if he hates shopping. We have that covered in Gastown. There’s plenty to do without setting foot inside a store. And if he loves it, then we have it all including some of the best menswear around.

To help you decide on how to treat Dad this Sunday, we’ve created a few combos that should work for any patriarch.

The Great Outdoorsman


Bring your father — or if you’re a father, make your young’uns bring you — to Filson this Father’s Day weekend. We’ll supply you with all the materials you need to assemble, rivet and deboss your own custom keychain.  The workshop is free, but supplies are limited so come early.

BBQ and beverages provided.
Jun 15, 2019 (the one exception in this article for things to do on Sunday)

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Army & Navy has a long tradition of selling quality fishing gear at a good price. Check out their basement on West Cordova and let Dad pick out his favourite rod.

Enjoy some nice cold craft beers out on the patio with Dad. Check out Six Acres, Lamplighter, Local or Steamworks.


The Foodie

Where does one start when recommending a good place to eat in Gastown? If he’s discerning and has champagne taste, try L’abattoir, Coquille, Bauhaus, or Di Beppe.

Most foodies like to cook. Old Faithful houses a fine collection of kitchen items including British designed/French made Crane cookware.

How about a fun kitchen towel? Check out these amusing little numbers over at Kimprints. His dinner guests will love them.


The Gentleman

Gastown is known for our exceptional menswear boutiques. Treat him to a nice hat at Cappelleria Bertacchi Italian Hatcrafter, a luxury Italian made bowtie at Secret Location or a dapper shirt at Neighbour.

New to the neighbourhood, Le Labo concocts fresh made to order perfume within its 1920’s European inspired apothecary.

Sip artisan made cocktails at The Diamond, while discussing American politics and climate change.


The Gamer

Despite the over abundance, and technological advancement, of mobile and console gaming, there’ s nothing quite like the old school magic of a board game. 131 Water Kitchen & Bar has well over 100 in its window just waiting to be played.

Lamplighter and Metropole boast a fun selection of pinball tables. Give the old man a run for his money.

A great place to play cards is on the sheltered patio at Jules Bistro. Secure a table for two, order some moules et frites and let the games begin.

The Bookworm

Inform Interiors has a fantastic library of design, photography, and art books for sale.

Visit Out & About for tidy notebooks, pens and other assorted stationary.

Litchfield carries a sizeable assortment of periodicals – Monacle, The Gentlewoman, and various architectural journals and bios.


The Spiritualist

The Good Spirit is where the neighbourhoods resident mediums prognosticate. Take him there for a quick, or thorough forecast of things to come.

Angel Vancouver is a great place for earthy clothing, as is Bia Boro Apparel.