Dad – trying to figure out what he might want for Father’s Day is like attempting to answer some age-old riddle, to which, perhaps there is no answer.

As the special day draws near, may we suggest traditional grooming, some fine dapper neckwear and a good feed? You can share one heck of a day with Dad here in Gastown.

You’ll find a wealth of barbershops – at least 7, where Dad can get a nice vintage cut and a hot shave. You can sit back, beverage in hand and together, reminisce about when he would take you to get a bowl cut and a lollipop. The 18th Amendment Barber Shop – a fine shop based on tradition and designed for the modern man – best of both worlds for father. They specialize in hot towel shaves, beard and moustache trims, classic haircuts and fades. There’s Barber & Co – picture a line of restored Belmont barber chairs along with classic theatre chairs, facing a view of the electric current flowing through Abbott Street. They have a dartboard, racy mirror art and friendly, eccentric barbers. An experienced gent in men’s grooming, is Bryan of London located in the Landing Buliding. Bryan has been working in Gastown for 15 years and has been cutting hair for over 25.

Fortknight storefront 3 800

Over at Fortknight Barbers, the talkative and scissor proficient, good gentlemen of groom, pride themselves not on fashion, but style. Accurately described as “A place to unwind, catch up on community news, and receive top shelf service”. Down in the underground is a gem of great value The Gastown Grooming Room – ruled by the friendly and effervescent, Joe from Dublin. A barber for life, he has impecccible style that goes into every cut he delivers – a true gentleman and seanchaí. JD’s Barbershop – the original location opened for business in Gastown in 2002 – is a relaxed environment where guys and dads can feel comfortable and can walk away looking their best. At the back of Frank & Oak you’ll find a pair of classic barber chairs and an eager barber, ready to spruce up dad while you have a smoothie and shop for neckties. They truly have it all, at Frank & Oak in Gastown.

Speaking of neckwear – you really can’t go wrong with the gift of a good quality tie, bowtie or cravat. There are bowties to be found in Gastown, such that you may not find anywhere else.


Secret Location carries ceramic and silk bowties from Italian crafters – Cor Sine Labe Doli. These pieces are small works of art and your father could be seen wearing one, at more than a few occasions. They also carry Bigi Cravatte – again, Italian made ties of the highest quality – rich hand printed twill and entirely handmade.

Bo-by-Mansouri Arrow-Dark Grey

If you really want to take Dad to places he’s maybe never been – how about getting up close and personal with some wooden bowties at Rowan Sky. They are handmade here in Vancouver – check out the Arrow Dark Grey influenced by the Arrow to keep your Dads style “on point.”Roden Gray has a fine assortment of neckwear – both bowties and ties from Alexander Olch– vintage mid-century styled with many made out of Italian linen. As the old sayin’ goes: If your Daddy ain’t fancy, don’t fix em’! Ok…..? In other words – he likes things simple, without any fussing about. Nouvelle Nouvelle is the ticket – they have pre –tied little numbers that should do the trick – look for Beaux Bow Tie, Pre-Tied.

neighbour tie cotton lightbluewhite 1




Neighbour has a lovely line of USA made cotton ties in navy stripe. The result is a slim, three-fold necktie with classic appeal. Neighbour continues to work with one of the oldest tie manufacturers in New York City to produce these timeless pieces.

vancouver-details2Frank & Oak is an affordable, balanced men’s clothing store which has many nice ties to choose from. May we recommend their cotton silk plaid tie in grey; a perfect understated, soft summer tie – slim, but not skinny. There are two locations for Community Thrift and Vintage – one on Carrall and one on Cordova – they have all sorts of cool ties from all sorts of eras.

And now for the grub.


Secret Location is serving a Father’s Day Cookout Brunch – a generous feed worthy of 1000 hungry dads. It’s a three course cookout brunch featuring items such as Root Beer Braised Duck Legs, Pecan Wood Smoked BBQ Brisket, Charcoal Roasted Lingcod and numerous options. There are lots of excellent places to get brunch in Gastownhave a look here.

If Happy Hour is par the course, we have 24 sweet spots you can hit.

This Father’s Day, whatever you gift to your Dad and wherever you may end up sharing good food and drink, may the road lead to Gastown– we know he’ll remember this one for a while.