This Sunday brings another Fathers Day. Don’t worry – Gastown’s here.

The days go by and as we get older, the reality of how valuable our time is becomes quite clear. June 18th is a chance to share some of that time with our Dads. Gifts are nice but real memories come from that good laugh, from a wonderful day or afternoon spent together and from that true connection that reminds each of us that the other person is very special.

Here are a few ideas to help you spend a fantastic day with your Dad here in Gastown.

Take Dad out for Breakfast or Brunch

You could get up early and sweat for an hour in the kitchen, stressing over making him the perfect breakfast or you could pay someone else to do it.

Gastown has many fantastic restaurants and we most certainly do brunch. Here’s a list of those that will be serving it up during the weekends (and some during the week!).

Click here for restaurants serving breakfast/brunch.


Happy Hour Happy Dad

Perhaps the table has been set and the plans set in motion; a family lunch is to take place. Fret not, for there’s always Happy Hour in Gastown and with it, a fine chance to steal away with Dad for a few good hours of quality guy time.

Click here for restaurants that offer Happy Hour.

A pair of whiskies my good man!

Does Dad savour fine aged Scottish Malt? Do the pair of you geek out over the idea of a rare, dusty barrel of single origin whisky from an unpronounceable place name that is very well within your reach? If yes, then bring him to The Shebeen Whisky House. This is the place in the city for Whisky lovers. The selection of varieties and rarities is stunning. The setting is small and intimate and simply perfect to share a cracking good glass of the stuff and share hearty talk and roaring laughter.

Game on – Donkey Kong.

Sunday is a chance to go back to a time when every house on the block had one of these, and we’re not talking about a rickety trampoline but an awesome basement Games Room!

That’s right! Now in Gastown, there’s the fun filled emporium known as The Back And Forth Bar. The place is comfortably decorated with couches and palm trees and there are a number of video game consoles hooked up to TV’s along with a bunch of Ping-Pong tables.

Pinball Wizards.

The Lamplighter Pub is home to around 9 fantastic pinball tables including Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Grab a few drinks and appies and hit the tables with Dad. Keep score and have a mini tournament.

See if Dad floats.

Does Dad float? Perhaps he has never tried. There’s nothing like hydrotherapy to calm the mind, body and soul. Check yourselves into the Float House for some serious sensory deprivation and relaxation. The tanks are filled with 10” of warm water with 800 lbs of dissolved Epsom salts. Free from light and sound, you float for up to 90 minutes and sail away into blissful nothingness.

A river runs through it.

Many of our fathers enjoy fishing. It’s a wonderful hobby and Army & Navy in Gastown stocks an extensive supply of rods, reels, hooks, lures, nets, line, accessories, outwear and other related equipment.

Forever in blue jeans.

Dads can tend to overlook necessities like buying a new pair of jeans. Why not take him to Dutil or Nifty Do to buy him a solid pair of raw selvedge denim. Many of the brands carried by both shops make denim that is built to last and looks great.

A cup of Joe and a history lesson.

Gastown is blessed with many of the best independent coffee shops in the city. Pick the one you like, grab a few espressos or cappuccinos and go for a stroll around the neighbourhood. This is where the city began and the conversation may be inspired by the wealth of history found here.