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Wolf Outdoor Grill

Like its indoor counterparts – Wolf ranges, ovens, and cooktops – the Wolf outdoor gas grills marry virtuoso performance with exceptional ease of use. From its easy-to-open, heavy-gauge lid to the power and finesse of its gas burners, a Wolf grill makes you feel always in absolute control. The Wolf outdoor gas grill is available built-in or as a freestanding cart. A Wolf grill helps you cook with the one ingredient every cook needs: confidence.


Droog Birdhouse

This birdhouse improves the birds etiquette by letting them eat from a porcelain plate; a knock-down three star bird restaurant for sweet small birds.


Orling & Wu
28 Water Street
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Fermob Bistro Chair & Table

Folding outdoor furniture, developed at the end of the 19th century, was immediately popular among lemonade sellers of the day, as it was quick and easy to pack away.

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Turkish Towels

Get cozy with this multipurpose beach towel and blanket. Super absorbent and quick drying. 

Old Faithful
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Glass Citrus Juicer

This heavy duty glass Citrus Juicer is a kitchen essential. Squeeze fresh oranges to quench your morning thirst or drain lemons or limes for your favourite recipes. The rigid glass dome squeezes out citrus juice with satisfying ease while the lipped jug below creates the perfect pour.

Army & Navy
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Picnic Basket With Foil Insulation

A versatile picnic basket and bag with fold-up storage capabilities. 

115 Water Street
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Mr. Ice Bucket

This multi-use three quart design is also perfect for cooling wine, champage or soda.  Available in white, admiral blue, grey and yellow.