Old Faithful Shop has a table dedicated to the latest pulp, including the new interior and culture magazine, Space, and the always visually stunning latest issues of Kinfolk, Cereal and Gather.

For foodies, the hard cover tome, Sunday Suppers, challenges readers to rediscover the art of cooking and communal meals, while The Drunken Botanist provides insight into the dizzying array of herbs, flowers, fruits and fungi that humans have transformed into alcohol. OFS also stocks an array of great recipe books several tempting interior design annuals.

Stop by Litchfield for books that are as unusual as they are enchanting. The Geometry of Pasta seeks to solve the age-old question of which sauce belongs with what pasta shape, while the Cookbook Book shares beautifully reproduced excerpts from 125 of the most influential cookbooks. And if you’re picky about stationary, this is the place to stock up on beautiful books that are just waiting for you to put pen to paper.

Inform Interiors is the place to go for architectural and design books. The showroom is home to an enviable library of hard to find editions and the onsite team is a valuable resource when it comes to choosing one.


If you’re home with someone who isn’t tall enough to ride the roller coaster, drop into Meadow Gifts for a charming selection of illustrated children’s literature. Fashion forward five-year-olds will love Anna Karenina: A Fashion Primer by Little Master Tolstoy, or choose from a range of classics that include Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes.


Speaking of fashion, there’s plenty in store at Secret Location for those who worship at the altar of Diana Vreeland, Grace Coddington and Carine Roitfeld.

When it comes to local literature, there are few books that deliver the stunning visuals you’ll find in Fred Herzog Photographs, available at Parliament. This retrospective showcases the streets of Vancouver with contributions from Douglas Coupland, Sarah Milroy and Jeff Wall. Or pick up an edition that celebrates the things you adore, like Bike Snob, The French Dog or The Life & Love of Cats.

Or, keep things contemporary at Roden Gray and Neighbour. Both men’s boutiques stock magazines that are on the cutting edge of culture and style. Dogme and Bad Day can be found on the table at Neighbour, alongside some stellar photography books that will have you thinking about finally investing in that Leica. Monacle is among the offerings at Roden Gray, bringing a global perspective on international affairs, business, design and fashion. 

With this many options, it’s a good thing that Vancouver gets four months of rain (obviously not including today). Happy reading!