Congratulations, Mighty Men of Mo!

You’ve made it to the middle of the month and have courageously avoided the urge to frantically shave off that wild, scraggly soup strainer of yours.

Whether raising funds or awareness or both, the cause to cure cancer is most worthy, and we stand wholeheartedly with all who fight the good fight.

The key at this halfway point is stay in the game while still looking good. That stache has a few weeks left in it and looking like Yosemite Sam is for most of us, a consequence of neglect rather than a choice of style.

Gastown is awash with excellent barbers, fine grooming products and accessories for men. Be it a sharp trim, locally made moustache wax, a good comb or a nice Italian bowtie, the neighbourhood is the place to help you keep your Mo till the end of No.

Victory Barbers
Firm hold / High shine
(great for stache’s as it rinses clean without needing shampoo)

Barber & Co.
BEARD BALM – great for moustaches also
$ 24.00JD’s Barbershop
Moustache Wax
Sticky strong hold, carnauba wax

Fortknight Barbers
FortKnight Mustache Wax – Neutral, Black or Brown
Made in Vancouver, utilizing 100% all natural ingredients.
F Miller

Shave Oil
Made in Canada of 100% natural ingredients

Frank & Oak
Baxter of California Tortoise Shell Moustache and Beard Comb
Handcrafted in Switzerland, made from high quality cellulose acetate sheets
(a natural, modified polymer derived from cotton and tree pulp cellulose). 3.25″

Nouvelle Nouvelle
Porcelain shaving bowl made for Le Baigneur by the Artoria Limoges factory with N.1 soap bar included.
$58.00Secret Location
Cor Sine Labe Doli
Black Satin With Bug Bowtie
Made with 100% satin, with 100% ceramic, black silk ribbon, handmade in Italy.
Double-Edge Razor
Featuring a hand-polished and triple-plated collar, this high density handle and chrome-plated blade head are perfectly balanced to facilitate an immaculate shave. Sold with ten stainless steel Merkur Solingen razor blades.Handmade by skilled English craftsmen.