There are days where only one ring or necklace is necessary and others where half the jewellery box is coming with you. Beautifully designed jewellery always speaks of the wearer and the wearer speaks back to the jewellery. In Gastown, there are many sparkling conversations waiting to be had.

Frank & Oak have some really cool, summer appropriate cufflinks in stock. Check out their Brushed Silver Bengal Tiger set, the Black Metal Rope Knot duo or the eye-catching, compliment gaining – Brushed Brass Mexican Wrestler Masks. Uno, dos, tres – Benga!

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If sterling silver rings are your thing, Haven is stocking some unique pieces right now. From TAKAHIROMIYASHITA – The Soloist Skull Ring is made from pure .925 silver and features a skull design and high polish finish. By Nonnative – The Dweller Ring “Sun” crafted by well known jewelers- END, is set in a .925 silver band and comes adorned with a round ‘sun’ design with a studded edge and embossed dot detailing in a vintage tarnished finish. 

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Gastown’s Lynn Steven Boutique carries handmade in Vancouver jewelry by local designer, Leah Alexander. Solid yet understated and uncomplex – come try on the Baguette Ring in Aquamarine – 24 karat gold vermeil with a calming aquamarine emerald cut gemstone. You can have many moons appear to cycle around your finger with the Revolve ring in Moonstones – six moonstones set in gold-plated sterling silver.


Neighbour Woman curates jewelry that suggests subtle, oblong, crescent shaped and minimalist designs. Their lines include Medley Institute, Sophie Buhai, Casa Malaspina, Saskia Diez and Monica Castiglioni. Noteworthy is the Diamond Silver Ring by Saskia Diez (made in Germany) – A very playful and fun silver ring, shaped like a solitaire diamond ring. This was one of Saskia’s first designs, and remains a classic to this day. Particularly lovely is the Ring Aperti 14 set in solid brass by Monica Castiglioni – made in New York.

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Everyman should have at least one other piece of jewelry along with his watch and wedding ring. Bracelets are always fashionable and can look great with a pair of shorts or short-sleeved button up shirt. Nifty Do have a solid silver bracelet for men – The Type-3 Silver Cuff is made from multiple layers of silver threads; hand braided altogether.

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For more locally made jewelry, visit Nouvelle Nouvelle. From Wasted Effort comes their Mini Artemis Silver necklace creating a 70’s futuristic look by sitting higher on the collarbone. Also from Wasted Effort and complementary to the Mini Artemis is The Stargazer Bracelet – this sterling silver bracelet features two subtle opals, one on either side of an industrial sterling silver bar. Think Buck Rogers in the 25th Century without the bellbottoms.


Oak & Fort supply an extensive selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earings made by the company. Minimalist, subtle and clean, they also carry a sterling silver collection – made to suggest only, not dominate your look.

Catherine Hartley Olive Necklace 1

One of A Few sells beautiful handcrafted pieces; among them there are some exceptional creations by Vancouver local artist, Catherine Hartley. Look for her Olive Necklace – Oval pendant with an organically shaped bead resting inside, set in sterling silver. Also designed and made here in the city is the Muraco Wolfe Pea Ring – A wide, flat-banded sterling silver ring topped with a solid sphere.

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Roden Gray, in selecting their stock, stray away from conventional pieces often found in precious metals and gemstones, rather opting for adornment hewn from braided rope and nylon with collections of beads, ultimately offering jewelry that tends to suggest a more tribal and earthy aesthetic. Creations can be found from Caputo & Co, Kapital, Mikia and Admasu. New York-based jewelry designer and cross-disciplinary artist Dawit Admasu has created an exceptional piece that is any gendered. His Half Round Bead Necklace is a tasseled necklace made from half round silver wire and beige thread, inspired by traditional Ethiopian jewelry.

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Wardrobe Apparel sources many of its pieces from London England based, Imogen Belfield. The jewelry is handmade in London with materials sourced from their local suppliers and generally cast in bronze plated with gold. The designs are earthy and raw with rings adorning stylized chunks of metal that appear naturally formed with organic and textural qualities. Her Band of Chunky Rocks with Gems Ring, is a work of art. This hand-sculpted ring is embellished with clusters of cubed nuggets and precious stones. These include glinting green emeralds, rich purple amethysts, olive green peridots, ocean blue sapphires, luxuriant crimson rubies and nuggets of hand-crushed pyrite.

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There is some very desirable, locally made jewelry at The Block. One artist that must be noted is Anna De Courcy. Her jewellery has a haunting beauty about it and is designed from her studio in downtown Vancouver. The designer sources antiques and relics from around the world and reworks them, transforming them into beautiful little pieces perfect for layering or wearing alone. Each one tells its own story.